Day 4 at the DAMX saw wind again, enough wind for 33 Downwind Slalom races of the amateurs and pros. And day 4 brought wonderful weather for the DAMX tow-in final in the late afternoon. The top 10 ranked riders from the qualifying round put a big show in front of many spectators. The wind force wasn’t enough to complete any freestyle heats and the organization decided to run the tow in final. With the beach full of spectators, sunny weather and a fleet of very impressive tow-in riders the final was a pleasure to watch. With just a little bit of wind and chop the sailors were going way higher than usually and could land their moves nicely.

Adam Sims Dam-X 2016

Adam Sims Dam-X 2016

Davy Scheffers went for Air Funnell Burner combinations, Yentel Caers rotated through a clean Double Burner, but unfortunately couldn’t land it as perfect as he probably hoped for. Antoine Albert was going for a nice Skopu Diablo, yet obviously wanted more since he managed to land a Skopu Funnell Diablo at the DAM-X 2015. Taty Frans looked already really safe in his first two runs, but stepped it up massively in his last run with a superhigh Burner 360. Russian Vladimir Yakovlev sticked a one-handed Burner, a one-handed Burner 360 and tried to throw a no-handed Burner in his last run. The Italien multi-talent Francesco Cappuzzo couldn’t quite put on the show that he wished for after qualifying for the final in 4th place and didn’t seem to have enough speed to go through his maneuvres. Hugo de Sousa from Brazil couldn’t impress too much in his first two runs, yet landed a perfect Skopu in his last attempt which the crowd honored with a big applause and the judges with big points. Julien Mas, who is always keen to put on a good show in this discipline was going for a Skopu, an Air-Funnell Burner and an Air-Bob into Air-Bob.

Adam Sims Tow-In Double Culo

Adam Sims Tow-In Double Culo

Adam Sims, who was leading the fleet after the qualifying rounds stomped the most perfect double Culo right in front of the spectators in his second run. The double Culo which is rarely seen in tow-in scored 54 out of 60 possible points and put Sims into an untouchable first place. Taty Frans, who shows great form in all disciplines and would definitely lead the overall ranking of all disciplines at Brouwersdam, made it in second place. Vladimir Yakovlev made it on the podium in third place. It was his second podium in his career. Congrats! Hugo de Sousa followed in 4th and Julien Mas in 5th place.


Result EFPT tow-in DAMX 2016

1. Adam Sims (54 points)
2. Taty Frans (48,5 points)
3. Vladimir Yakovlev (47,5 points)
4. Hugo de Sousa (47,5 points)
5. Yentel Caers (45,5 points)
6. Julien Mas (44,5 points)
7. Antoine Albert (41 points)
8. Francesco Cappuzzo (40,5 points)
9. Davy Scheffers (38,5 points)
10. Raffael de Windt (32,5 points)

The skippers meeting for the EFPT freestyle windsurfing is scheduled for 9.30 am with the first possible start at 10.00 am! With the forecasted south-westerly wind there is a good chance to complete a few more heats. It will be the final day at Brouwersdam.

DAM-X video from the tow-in qualifying day including Friday evening action at the event site