Adam Sims released his virst vlog. The popularity of vlogs increased in the past years, escpecially on YouTube. Like a blog, a vlog is an online personal video dairy. And he is not the first windsurfer who is attempting the medium vlog. Valentin Böckler (sometimes joined by Julian Wiemar) occasionally vlogged or Maxime van Gent has recently started her vlogging channel on Youtube. Max Matissek was kind of vlogging about his trip to Mauritius on his Facebook account or Ben Proffitt is producing his Training Diaries, which are a mix of a classic web clip and a vlog.

In this first episode Adam Sims talks about his winter in Cape Town, South Africa: how he celebrated new year or how it feels to talk to the camera. He shows how he is driving around CT, radical wave action in big waves, etc. Well done Mr. Sims, keep the videos coming. Maybe Adam or the other windsurfing vloggers will soon be famous like JacksGap or Danisnotonfire with 4 Mio subscribers and more.

Adam Sims with his first Vlog from Cape Town, South Africa


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