LIT is a windsurfing movie series by and with the UK freestyle windsurfer Adam Sims. LIT Part 2 features Adam Sims in Fuerteventura and Egypt. In Fuerteventura Adam was joined by his friends Oscar Carmichael and Alex Mitchell and Flo Ragossnig travelled with Adam to Egypt.


We asked Adam, to tell us a bit more about his passion for making movies: “LIT is a series that kind of developed from a want to make a much longer video, almost movie length but later realizing that I don’t really have the time (or should I say, budget) to sit down and edit something like that all by myself. So in the end I split it up into more manageable edits and will release it in my own time. When it comes to LIT itself, I’m totally inspired by the snowboarding and surfing world. I watch all the videos, particularly snowboarding, and try to integrate some of what I see into not just my video but my windsurfing. Snowboarders do these sick street sections, often jumping crazy gaps or some mad wall rides and I love doing moves over objects, or under. I like to find places that people have never considered ‘windsurfable’ before and then seeing what I can make of it, then it kind of makes sense to capture it on video. I just know that I haven’t even scraped the surface of this yet. I mean jumping a few bushes or doing a move under/over a string of balloons isn’t exactly next level but neither is the budget for windsurfing movies yet. I have so many ideas, some are starting to develop further than just an idea but they are still in their early stages. Let’s see, until then I’ll continue windsurfing with a lot of super nice people, making great friends and perhaps filming a bit along the way… And why LIT? Because sailing fully LIT/stacked/powered is just the conditions I like.”

But now watch a great clip packed with freestyle action.


Adam Sims & Friends in Fuerteventura and Egypt