Adam Lewis had a lot of windy windsurfing sessions during the winter months. Watch his latest highlight action clip from El Cabezo, Tenerife, which shows a lot of great windsurfing action. Additionally we caught up with the UK windsurfer to get the latest updates.


Wave windsurfer Adam Lewis at El Cabezo – Video


Interview with wave windsurfer Adam Lewis


Continentseven: How did you spend the winter months?
Adam Lewis: I actually had a real mix this year, I was back in the UK at the start of the winter, I’ve been in Tenerife for a little bit and I also did a trip to Indonesia, which was incredible. Its been a pretty awesome winter. Now I’ve just got back to Tenerife and its been non-stop windy, I almost need a break.


Continentseven:  Your new video rocks. That’s what we call a powerful wave sailing clip. When did you film the footage and who was behind the cam?
Adam Lewis: Thanks! We had 2 really windy days last week I was on 3.4m for some of the clips it was over 60knots at points. Bartek Jankowski (BJ Productions) filmed, so thanks to him! We had 2 really good morning sessions. The light is really good first thing in the morning. The wind is quite side shore and with a lower tide the wave can be really punchy. I had a few trips up the reef on those sessions. I’ve still got bruises on my legs from hitting the rocks…


Continentseven:  You have been for more than one year on North/Fanatic. Are you 100% confident with the equipment and did you already find your favorite gear combos?
Adam Lewis: Yeah I’m starting to feel really confident on the gear and I really trust it. I think that is so massively important, if you have confidence in your gear it really helps you to push yourself. You can worry about what your doing not the gear. I’m on the Hero and a Quad set up pretty much all the time… I like the combination of drive, speed and power I get with that. I tried the Triwave too. It was really fast, but I felt like the quad set up seems to suit my style more.


Continentseven:  What’s your favorite set?
Adam Lewis: Probably the 4.5 Hero and a Quad 82


Continentseven:  Are you on production gear?
Adam Lewis: The whole rig is production, The Hero with the North Aero mast. I have production quads too but I also have a few prototypes. In the clip I was basically using next years Triwave but with the quad fin set in.


Continentseven:  One year ago you released a short clip (Link: Adam Lewis at Cabezo).  You looked dynamic, but in your new video you look even more dynamic and seem to have improved. Do you have the same feeling?
Adam Lewis: Actually I’m never really happy with my sailing. I always look at it and see what I could have done better. I hope I’ve improved. I feel I have learnt a lot about what I enjoy from my own sailing this past year and I’ve been focused on that. I still feel like I have a lot to learn, but that’s one of the best parts about the sport. There is always so much to improve and it’s hard to get bored! 


Continentseven:  What are your plans for the upcoming season? The tour starts with the first event in July. 5 events are on the calendar with the final on Maui.
Adam Lewis: I’m going to the PWA tour and also the BWA tour back in the UK. Apart from that I’m just trying to really enjoy all the chances I get to be on the water! 


Continentseven:  You missed the final last year and finished the season in the top 16 on a good 15th place. But you didn’t score as usual at your home spot Cabezo. What do you expect from this season?
Adam Lewis: I think last year was actually my worst overall result since I started the full tour. I was pretty disappointed with my results in the Canaries. I had a lot of expectations last year and I think that effected me negatively. This year I’m just going to see what happens, try to take it heat by heat and wave by wave. I’d like to finish in the top 10, but there is so much out of your control. I’ll have to wait and see. 


Continentseven:  What does a wave sailor need nowadays to make top results at World Cup events?
Adam Lewis: The level on tour right now is really incredible! I think you need a lot to make top results. There aren’t really any easy heats. I think the judges are pretty critical on how clean moves are these days so that’s pretty important, a clean double helps. The judges seem to be really critical on length of ride so if you can fit a lot of turns in on a wave that helps a lot.


Continentseven:  Do you windsurf most of the time alone or do you have windsurfing buddies, with whom you share the sessions?
Adam Lewis: In Tenerife I’m really lucky to sail with Dany Bruch and Alex Mussolini, sailing with both those guys really pushes you… It’s really interesting to watch because I think we all have quite different styles. It’s so great to see a different approach to things.


Continentseven:  Do you have any spots on your bucket list, you really want to visit?
Adam Lewis: Loads! Right now I keep hearing about Mauritius. I haven’t ever spoken to anyone that didn’t think it was epic… It’s definitely pretty high up on the list of places I need to go! 

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