Klein Curacao is a small uninhabited island located 10 km away from the south of Curacao. Klein Curacao often got hit by heavy hurricanes in the past and such a hurricane destroyed the lighthouse. The north eastern windward coast, which is rough and rocky is a graveyard for boats and big cargo vessels, which burst apart on the rocks. 

Maarten Molenaar, who was behind the cam, and his friends left Curacao and crossed the channel to Klein Curacao to find some windsurfing spots. The boat ride was shaky, a lot of water came into the motor vessel, but all boys and girls arrived save and sound at the shore of Klein Curacao. They just had to swim with their windsurfing gear towards the shore and rig the gear on save ground. The wind was blowing and they enjoyed their windsurfing sessions after a rough boat ride.

The trip was worth  destroying some gear on the rocks, because nothing can replace a trip with good friends paired with a windsurfing session, a swim in crystal clear water and a nice barbecue in the end.

Maarten Molenaar: “The essence of a windsurfing trip in one video! Good and bad times, adventure and above all a stoked feeling when waking up in the morning 5 meters away from pancake flat water with howling winds disrupting its calm surface!” 


A windsurfing trip to Klein Curacao – Video

ft. Kareem Naipal, Richard Richie, Ryan Richie, Wave Antonia, Sergey Boer, Bjoern Verheul, Pim Heijboer, Maarten Molenaar, Jack Denzel McAully, Christopher Pennock and a few more friends

Filmed & edited by: Maarten Molenaar | Extra footage: Chris & Aerialmotion