Valentin Böckler, Julian Wiemar, Loris Vietoris & Luke Jertz travelled to the island of Mallorca in February 2019. Mallorca is the biggest island of the Balearic islands and the seventh biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It belongs to Spain and is one of the favourite holiday destinations of the Germans. Also the 4 Windsurf boys from Germany enjoyed the time on the windy island. The winter sun awakened them from the cold winter in Germany and warmed their minds. The fun factor went up immediately. They were lucky with the wind conditions. Julian and Valentin landed brilliant moves at several spots around the island. Loris & Lukez captured all the action and Valentin produced a kind of raw edit. Good stuff! Well done!!

A raw Mallorca windsurf trip – Valentin Böckler & Julian Wiemar showed best windsurfing freestyle on the Balearic Island

Produced by Valentin Böckler, filmed by Loris “Vie ” Vietoris (first camera) & Luke Jertz (second camera)