Balz Müller had a funky cold foilsession at his home turf in Ipsach at Lake Biel in Switzerland. Honestly it’s hard to see any wind on the video, but Balz aka Radiculo catches the breeze, glides with grace on his foil and adds something magical to his session. Balz shows a mix of classic moves and modern freestyle moves and adds the extra portion of creative “Balz”. His windfoiling seems almost effortless and he makes it look so easy after practicing and developing his style for more than 4 years. The Swiss uses a 108 l board with a 95 cm long mast and a 4.4m freestyle sail in very light wind conditions. It’s a quite agile gear setup Balz is using and he even tried a Willy Skipper with the foil (watch the clip until the end, he tries it at 1:53).

A funky cold foilsesh on Swiss Lake Biel in Ipsach by Balz Müller – Video