Lucas Meldrum (19) and Miguel Chaps (19) spent a great day at Scarborough and Witsands in South Africa. First some down the line wave riding in high tide conditions at Scarborough in the morning and then some hardcore jumping in 45 knots at Witsands in the afternoon. What more can you ask for? Great job boys!!! The conditions were really challenging and both land a few cool moves, but crash a lot, too. We’d say that’s how it goes on such a day. It’s good to see the reality and not just the landed attempts only! This is the eight episode of “Between The Lines”, produced by young UK ripper Lucas Meldrum.

The forecast looked really epic with tons of wind and a decent swell. So I decided to do another vlog. We arrived at Scarborough a little disappointed as there was less wind & wave than forecasted, but looking back it was a pretty fun session. Quick break and then the wind really turned on (3.4-3.7 weather). This is why we came!! Epic but challenging jumping conditions so we got pretty tired and we didn’t fancy any swimming with the sharks aha. We kept it short and sweet, then headed home, seeing some monkeys on the way! (Lucas Meldrum about “Day In A Life – Between The Lines Ep 8”)

A Day In A Life – Down South Epicness featuring Lucas Meldrum and Miguel Chapuis – Between The Lines Ep 8