Ricardo Campello not only competes on the PWA World tour, he seems to be get more and more involved in some businesses besides his windsurfing career, like a windsurfing center, a windsurfing boat trip or producing sun glasses. And he created the VoltWater a move variation dedicated to Peter Volwater, who unfortunately passed away at the end of June 2015. We caught up with Ricardo for a short chat right before the start of the Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival. Read more below…

Ricardo Campello - Pic: John Carter/PWA

Ricardo Campello – Pic: John Carter/PWA


Continentseven: The sudden death of Peter was a shock for everybody. You knew Peter for many years and met him at many competitions.
Ricardo Campello: Well Peter was a super fun and very honorable guy and always nice to everyone, he did pretty good and all the disciplines he did. We were not best friends but the times we spent together were really fun and he was always a very nice person to me since the beginning.


Continentseven: When did you have the idea to create the Voltwater (e.n.: Stalled Forward into Backloop)?
Ricardo Campello: Well the move just came in my head by watching a video of a Forward and I made a mistake and it was at the same time Peter passed away, so I decided to dedicate it to him!


Continentseven: For how long have you been practicing the move?
Richardo Campello: I just did it on the first day I tried, but couldn’t do it afterwards.


Continentseven: Last year you finished 2nd at the Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival. What’s possible in 2015 for you? 
Ricardo Campello: Yes last year I was finally back on the podium, really close to win the final but, so yes I’m hungry to win of course. The level is really high right now so I will try to do my best !


Continentseven: Did you bring as many boards as last year to Pozo?
Ricardo Campello: I have less boards now but still have quite a lot. I kept my 2 good boards each size from last year and Patrik made me some new ones to test something different, but I pretty much know what I’m using already! 


Continentseven: What do you think about the level on the water?
Ricardo Campello: Really amazing, boys are doing crazy things and very consistent! 


Continentseven: You are currently organizing a boat trip to the Los Roques archipelago from December 3 -13. Can you tell us a bit more about it?
Ricardo Campello: Gollito and I are organizing a trip to Los Roques, with everything included, gear, food, accomodation on a really nice boat and sailing between the nice water and islands Los Roques has, it will be a dream trip. We never did it but everyone will love it! 


Continentseven: Will you and Golllito teach teach the participants?
Ricardo Campello: Yes we are going to try to do our best to sail and hang out with everyone and teach what we can! 


Continentseven: How many places are available, it’s a quite exclusive trip?
Ricardo Campello: So far we almost fill in one boat out of the 2 we have booked, so only 16 places left! 


Continentseven: You are 29 years old now. For how long will you be able to continue your career on that high level? Looks like you are looking for a few extra businesses parallel to your sports career, a windsurfing center, a windsurfing camp, sunglasses …
Ricardo Campello: Well I will try to be competing as long as my body allows me or until I can’t do it anymore. Now I also just started my sunglasses company with really high quality products made in Italy. And I am sure people will love our glasses named after some windsurfing moves and places!! Make sure to check out our facebook www.facebook.com/campelloeyewear and instagram @campelloeyewear to see our models and colors and also to order. Soon you will be able to order it online ! 


Continentseven: Do you still have enough time to make it out on the water whenever you want?
Ricardo Campello: So far yes!! hahaha


Continentseven: Good luck for the competition!


And Ricardo released a short clip from Gran Canaria called ” The Monkey Show”. It cost 1$ to watch and Ricardo will donate 50% of the funds to 3 windsurfing foundations to help the kids get windsurfing equipment and all the necessary stuff they need to get them away from drugs. Now it’s available for free. Watch a crazy master piece with incredible wave windsurfing and jumping action!!!