We uploaded the “7 Sons of Freestyle” movie to our Youtube Channel (Link: www.youtube.com/continentseven). 

“7 Sons of Freestyle” was our debut film produced in 2004 and at the same time it was the first windsurfing film dedicated to modern freestyle windsurfing only.

So, on March 12, 2004 we arrived in El Yaque on Isla Margarita in Venezulea, which was THE windsurfing & freestyle mecca in those days. With the idea to produce the first ever freestyle movie three of us, Kerstin, Charly and Chris travelled to Venezuela and filmed 20 DV-tapes with a borrowed camera from Sony.

Riders: Remko de Weerd, Antxon Otaegui, Andre Paskowski, Gollito Estredo, Normen Guenzlein, Ricardo Campello, Cheo Diaz 


If you click the play button the whole movie will play but you also can fade in the playlist by clicking on the 1/9 symbol in the top right corner of the video to select a part from one of the riders! Enjoy watching!

‘7 Sons’ stands for seven extraordinary freestyle windsurfers, all ripping in their own styles and sections. In an interview the freestyle world champion Ricardo Campello explains why El Yaque is the cradle for aspiring world champions. Ricardo’s sparring partners Cheo Diaz and Gollito Estredo together with half local Remko de Weerd, Antxon Otaegui, German top riders Andre Paskowski and Normen Guenzlein all grabbing deep into their bag of tricks. The film is set in the freestyle Mecca El Yaque and the neighbouring isle of Coche, of which the majority of the action is filmed from the water. Not only do featured pros define the current level of state of the art windsurfing, but give insights to their life in El Yaque.
In an additional move special Remko de Weerd explains how you can stick spinloops fast and safely.

Riders: Ricardo Campello, Cheo Diaz, Gollito Estredo, Andre Paskowski, Remko de Weerd, Normen Guenzlein, Antxon Otaegui
Music: Frank Hoffmann, Behind the Behind, Prime
Release date: 2004
Producer: Continentseven
Camera: Matthias “Charlsn” Lindner, Chris Pressler
Edit: Kerstin Reiger