The Australian windsurfer Craig Hollins, 44, sailed an amazing 553.5km over 24 hours!

Equipped with 3 KA Koncept sails (7.5, 6.6 and 5.8) and 1 board (Carbon Art 52), he chose world renowned speed sailing venue, Sandy Point in Australia as the ideal location to mount his challenge. Read his article below.

Craig Hollins

Started the day at 4am and was at the Pit by 5am, rigged 4 sails and the Carbon Art Sl 52. Got everything ready but forgot the wind, gusty ESE at about 0 to 15 and very big holes, I was thinking that Dave had nobbled the weather. The kitter was happy; he was off to the surf for some down winders. He was off the water in ½ hr as the wind filled in and I could be powered up with the Koncept 7.5.

Spent a few hrs on this combo, heavy but it worked. Having the inlet full meant that I could truck long 4 km runs until you start hitting the bottom and it all ends it tears. Met one of our “Cobbler” fish and he speared something into my big toe ,turned it red and sore for a few hrs. As the tide went out the channel was filled with standing waves with no back. NO Fun. I moved to the koncept 6.6 at low tide when Daffy arrived with some better wind. “It was just me and the wildlife when I did the night sailing!”

Great to have him out there with me pushing the 1hrs and Alphas. He ran out of legs and it was just me and the wildlife and with dusk approaching started getting ready for the night sailing. The set up of the bank leds took some time and had to be adjusted as the tide went out. Smashed into a few weed banks as they don’t show up well in the Ay-Up Lights. Ran the 5.8 through to the 7.5 as the wind backed away. Daffy kept popping back to check how I was going and that I was still above the water. I really think he was coming back to do doughnuts while no-one was around. I broke a harness line just before dark and a boom as I was pumping the board onto the plane at 11.30. A slow swim across the boat hole entrance and a long walk back to the car. Rest time. New boom and a toilet stop had me cold and tired and the ks had stalled at 490 and so had the wind. Time for a Nanna Nap for an hr or so.

Restarted at 4am with the wind, 5.8 time and flying. Stuffed by 7am with the tide racing in I quickly threw everything into the trailer, while Daffy copied the GPS cards. I think that it is possible to do a 600k and at 7pm I had 400+ and I tend to have 33k per hr and a session, but our friends the Dutch are very good at distance stuff and with 20 hrs of daylight they could do an 800hr 24hr. So hurry up Dave lets make it hard for them.

Kato – Craig Hollins