Italian windsurfer Annamaria Zollet released a 50 seconds edit from her training in Morocco. Annamaria has been pushing hard the last years, even quit her job in London to live the windsurfing lifestyle. She also took part in the IWT event in Moulay, where she finished in 3rd.

Annamaria Zollet: “Morocco is one of my favourite places. The wind, the waves, the people, the food, the music, the colours… it’s an unbelievable place. The last few weeks have been sick, always full power (and mostly overpowered) on 3.7 and a few days of pretty decent swell too! Love this place!”

50 Seconds in Moulay Bouzerktoune ft. Annamaria Zollet


Short interview with Annamaria Zollet

Continentseven: For how long have you been in Morocco?
Annamaria Zollet: I’ve been here since the beginning of April, initially I thought I was going to stay until end of May but I just love sailing here so I’m thinking of staying until end of July.

Continentseven: The IWT event went good for you. Did you enjoy to compete at your “home spot”?
Annamaria Zollet: Yes I definitely enjoyed it, although competing in one spot is always very different than free sailing there. A few moments during my heats I had the feeling I was sailing there for the first time. Unfortunately we didn’t have the real Moulay conditions during the event. The wind was really marginal for jumps so it was mostly wave riding. But I really enjoyed seeing the village getting ready for this great event and I could see how much hard work there was behind to make it happen.

Continentseven: How were the conditions during the rest of your stay?
Annamaria Zollet: April was a bit unusual, not so much wind and waves but since mid May the wind machine started working again properly. My favourite period I guess was the first 10 days of June. We had some really good waves and strong wind. It’s such a good spot to train both wave riding and jumping.

Continentseven: What’s your most used gear set in Moulay Bouzerktoune?
Annamaria Zollet: I always use the same board, 68lt, and mostly my 3.7m although on quite a few days I would have loved a 3.3m or even a 3.0m as the guys were on 3.7m, too.

Continentseven: What’s your mission in windsurfing.
Annamaria Zollet: I love windsurfing and at the moment I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I just want to push my level as much as I can, jump higher and get more radical in wave sailing.

Continentseven: You improved a lot over the past year. Will you continue like you do now, unsponsored and mainly free sailing or do you have any ambitions to compete more often in the future.
Annamaria Zollet: In the last year, since I’ve quit my full time job in London and started working remotely, I’ve decided to focus on waves and I’ve probably sailed more and in better conditions than in all the years before together. I’m pretty stoked as I’ve been continuously traveling from one dream spot to the next one, sailing next to some of the best riders in the world. For this year I’m actually planning to follow the IWT, hopefully I’ll be able to do the events in Mexico, Peru, Chile and Maui. I love the kick I get from competitions but to be completely honest I’m much more into free sailing and traveling. I’m trying to look for some gear sponsors at the moment. The equipment gets old faster and breaks a lot more when you sail a lot so would be great to have some support.

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