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THE JAPANESE PROFESSIONAL WINDSURFERS ASSOCIATION PLEADS THE GLOBAL WINDSURFING COMMUNITY TO DONATE TO JAPAN’S CAUSE. The Japan Professional Windsurfers Association (JPWA) is asking the global windsurfing community to donate anything they can to help Japan get back on its feet, and moving forward once again. The JPWA have left this message: “The disaster is much more than we guess and we are surprised and worry to face nature power. The places have big damage by Tsunami and also having terror of atomic power plants. There are many aftershock and the people can not have relax time at all. We also have possibility to have another big Tsunami, so we‘d like to ask all windsurfers to stop to windsurf during we have Tsunami caution and warning.? ?We windsurfers remind and behave as good example of nature loving people. We association start to collect donation to the people affected by earthquake and tsunami.”

To donate, please follow THIS LINK. Thank you!

© Text: Andrew Buchanan/PWA