Watch the full final (it’s a 22 minutes long final) of the double with Bernd Roediger (US-1113) and Marcilio”Brawzinho” Browne (BRA-105)!! It took place at Little Ho’okipa – a spot located further north at Sal’s western coast, which has different wave conditions compared to Ponta Preta. It’s a right hander break with a quite shallow reef, that picks up swell even when it’s completely flat at Ponta Preta. Many riders had warm-up session at Little Ho’okipa when they arrived a few days earlier to the event start. So many of them knew the conditions already.

After a weekend forecast, where expectations were incredibly high failed to materialise, it looked as though we may not be able to finish the Double Elimination of the 2022 SOMWR 10x Cabo Verde PWA World Cup. However, after an early morning check revealed that Ponta Preta was flat the decision was soon made to move the contest to Little Ho’okipa (also known als Secret Spot).

That decision paid off handsomely as the Double Elimination was completed with less than an hour of daylight to spare on the final day. Little Ho’okipa provided an extremely different test to Ponta Preta, but ultimately the same man came out on top as – Bernd Roediger  – successfully defended his first place from the Single Elimination to claim his maiden victory on the World Tour. 

Marcilio Browne finally brought Camille Juban’s epic comeback (he won 7 heats in a row in the double elimination) to an end to setup a final against – Bernd Roediger. If the Brazilian was going to come back and win the event then he would be required to beat Roediger twice with this being the Double Elimination. However, Roediger wasn’t in the mood for letting this opportunity slip through his hands and he soon put the contest to bed with an accomplished display. Both finalists had great moments in their final, but 25 year old Bernd managed to keep the flow from the single elimination and won the final and the first PWA Wave World Cup event in 2022.

2022 SOMWR 10x Cabo Verde PWA World Cup – Full FINAL Double Elimination

Final Result 2022 SOMWR 10x Cabo Verde PWA World Cup

1. Bernd Roediger
2. Marcilio Browne
3. Camille Juban
4. Thomas Traversa
5. Antoine Martin
6. Takara Ishii
7 . Victor Fernandez
8. Takuma Sugi
9. Josh Angulo, Ricardo Campello 
11. Boujmaa Guilloul, Morgan Noireaux
13. Graham Ezzy, Robby Swift
15. Jules Denel, Marino Gil Gherardi
17. Arthur Arutkin, Josep Pons, Jake Schettewi, Baptiste Cloarec
21. Antony Ruenes, Loick Lesauvage, Julian Salmonn, Liam Dunkerbeck Morales
25. Adam Warchol, Antoine Albert, Philip Köster, Titouan Flechet
29. Alexandre Grand-Guillout, Miguel Chapuis, Mike Friedl-Morales, Julien Flechet