It was an action packed day at the 2018 BWA Avon Beach Wave Classic yesterday. The venue got relocated from Avon to Southbourne as the conditions worked better there. Southbourne works best with west to southwest wind conditions and yesterday was southwest wind, which brought some decent waves.

After a full double elimination Andy “Bubble” Chambers showed his local knowledge and won in front of Ben Proffitt and James Cox. Check out the recap clip by Windsurfing.TV.

I couldn’t be more happy to have such good conditions at my local spot for an event. Also to have my friends there both locally and from the Tour so they can see and experience how good the spot is on the right forecast. To take my first win at a wave event and now be leading the British Wave Tour after 2 events is amazing! I am super stoked to say the least! Also having the right gear was key so big thanks to JP Australia and Neil Pryde also K4 Fins for making sure I had the right set up for the conditions. Andy “Bubble” Chambers about his victory at Southbourne

2018 BWA Avon Beach Wave Classic – Video

Result BWA Avon Beach Wave Classic 2018

1. Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers
2. Ben Proffitt
3. James Cox
4. Adam Lewis
5. Phil Horrocks
6. Timo Mullen
7. Nic Hibdige
8. Andy King
9. Alfi Hart, Lucas Meldrum
11. James Price, Greg Bowden
13. Reuben Shaw, Clyde Waite
15. Luke Smith, Matt Cude