August 15 is one of the most important public holidays in Greece and the perfect date to schedule a freestyle show at Laguna Beach Park in Naxos (Greece).

Text by Stam Promponas (Owner of Laguna Beach Park windsurfing center)
The forecast for this date was fantastic and we decided to celebration the day on the water. We added a mini freestyle competition to the established freestyle show. The spectators were sitting comfortably on the hill watching the freestylers “dancing” on the water. The competition began shortly after the show. All riders from 12 to 36 years-old were excited and ready to give their best, even though this was the first contest for some of the youngsters. Big thanks to Quiksilver Greece for the gifts to the first 5 winners and to the Naxos Mexx.

1. Adam Sims
2. Foivos Tsoupras
3. Jim Malliopoulos
4. Teo Mpathrelos
5. Martin Staudenhechtel

2017 Laguna Beach Park Freestyle show in Naxos