10 most popular articles last week

Maybe you missed some of the articles on Continentseven.com. Here are the 10 most popular articles from this last week.

Crash Compilation Canaries 2016 by Kuma

Kuma spent a lot of time on the beach at the Canaries this summer and captured some hard, nasty and funny crashes.

Robby Swift windsurfing in Jaws – Video & Interview

In late February 2016 Robby Swift had an incredible big wave windsurfing session and his worst wipeout in his life. "I was so deep when I finally pulled the vest that my ears had completely [...]

Air Chacho – Florian Jung

A perfect Air Chacho by the German windsurfer Florian Jung at Ojos de Garza on Gran Canaria.

The two oceans’ home – with Maria Andres & Emi Galindo

Watch a nice clip ft. Emilio Galindo and Maria Andres at Maui's north shore and at spots around Cadiz.

Spin loop Crash – Benedict Wolpmann

What a funny looking loop crash.

Interview with Manu Bouvet about the Easter Island trip

Rapa Nui is an extremely isolated island in the southern Pacific Ocean. Manu Bouvet in an interview about the trip to the Easter Island.

Air Skopu into Burner one handed – Yentel Caers

An Air Skopu is already a pretty amazing, but to add a one handed Burner is even more amazing.

Nic Hibdige on Bonaire & Fuerteventura

The freestyler from UK with radical action from Bonaire and Fuerteventura. Watch Steezypeazy!

Max Matissek in Greece

Austrian Freestyle pro & artist Max Matissek enjoyed the Meltemi winds on Naxos.

Jamie Hancock & friends in Scotland

UTOPIA - a beautiful film by Jamie Hancock about a special wave sailing journey to Scotland.

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