10 most popular articles last week

Maybe you missed some of the articles on Continentseven.com. Here are the 10 most popular articles from this last week.

Lancelin Ocean Classic 2017 – Video Wave Competition

Jaeger Stone and Jane Seman win the wave competition at the Lancelin Ocean Classic 2017 in Australia.

Trailer 2017 by Jamie Hancock

UK windsurfer Jamie Hancock released a very promising trailer for three upcoming videos.

Riccardo Marca in Brazil – Video & Interview

Italian freestyle pro Riccardo Marca released a new video with great action from his trip to Brazil.

12 year-old Jahdan Tyger – Video & Interview

Jahdan Tyger is a kid from Jericoacoara, who already lands radical moves. Watch a 2 minute long clip featuring the 12 year-old windsurfing grom.

Giovanni Passani in Brazil 2016 – Video

Giovanni Passani with radical freestyle windsurfing action from Praia do Maceio, Ceara, Brazil.

Burner one handed – Nic Hibdige

This is not a "normal" one handed Burner. This is an extremly twisted version of a one handed Burner by the windsurfer from the UK.

Klaas Voget – Interview

It's never getting boring for the 37 year-old windsurfer. We hooked up with the busy pro windsurfer and father of a family.

Shaka – Gollito Estredo

Huge Shaka by Gollito Estredo during the 2016 PWA Fuerteventura World Cup.

Jonathan Mourgues – a real wind addict

Jonathan Mourgues is an excellent freestyle windsurfer from South of France, who is addicted to wind.

Sponsor Changes 2017

A lot of transfers for 2017 are already done and dusted. Mattia Fabrizi, Flo Jung, Tonky Frans, Cyril Moussilmani, Yentel Caers...

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