10 most popular articles last week

Maybe you missed some of the articles on Continentseven.com. Here are the 10 most popular articles from this last week.

Pa moli – Pierre Garambois in Guadeloupe

A video ft. Pierre Garambois on Guadaloupe. "You can have clean waves with side-off to side-on shore wind and crystal clear lagoon with flatwater on the same day."

Shaka – Steven van Broeckhoven

It is Steven's birthday today, so we thought to put a move from Steven online.

Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup 2016 – Video

Check out the legacy of Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup wrap up video. A week of waiting while absorbing the Cold Hawaii culture.

Switch Chacho into Funnell – Dieter van der Eyken

Switch Chacho into Funnell by Dieter van der Eyken at Lake Neusiedl in Austria.

Big waves in Portugal

The waves at Portugal's Guincho got huge in July. Regis Guillard made it out and had a real Guincho experience.

Kabikuchi into Kono – Gollito Estredo

What a nice move combination by Gollito Estredo, Kabikuchi into Kono.

Morbihan for ever

Big waves, strong wind and great windsurfing at Brittany. Check out this video by Stef Debuire.

Pasko – Nicolas Akgazciyan

Watch a great Pasko by Nicolas Akgazciyan.

Back loop one handed one footed – Philip Köster

Philip Köster lands his Backloops almost with 100%.

Riccardo Marca – An interview & Video with the Italian freestyle windsurfer

Young, dedicated and a real freestyle addict. This is Riccardo Marca. Watch his latest video and read our interview with the young Italian.

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