10 days on Sardinia ft. Pierre Garambois

In March 2015 Pierre Garambois and his girlfriend decided to travel to Sardinia for 10 days. After a few months of winter in France and a lot of work, they needed a break to recharge their batteries. 

“We went to the beautiful island of Sardinia. The extra few degrees are enough to feel like spring is ahead of time and it is a good period to catch good winds in this area of the Mediterranean sea. And I could sail almost everyday with 4.4/4.8! The island is actually way bigger than what we had in mind, the total trip to go round was more than 3000 km, but it was really worth it. The variety of spots is very interesting: flat/choppy waters for freestyle in Sa Barra or Matzaccara, waves on the west coast around Funtana Meiga or in La Ciaccia, or a mix of choppy and flat cristal blue waters around Porto Pollo in the North. Besides, it’s fun to see a change of scenery even though it’s so close to home. It shows you that sometimes, you don’t need to spend a lot of money and travel to the other side of the world to disconnect from everyday life and get what you need.”


Spots: Sa Barra, Matzaccara, Porto Pollo



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Curious about which camera you used (for the cat and beach walk recording).


Hi Saul!
All the video was filmed with a Canon 600D + Tamron 18-270mm (except the GoPro inside action). I bought it almost 4 years ago now, it has a good value for money. I’m sure you can fin something more performing nowaday (for the same price).


Sickkk broo….go strong or go home. ….;)))


the cover reminds me on the one from “to hus” freestyle video …


Hi Seenotretter!
Indeed, the idea of that cover is not from me, I actually took it from a ski/snowboard video that was released during Christmas (i made this video a few weeks ago actually). I though it was pretty nice and gives a good insight of what the video is about. 🙂
I also noticed the same kind of cover a few weeks ago in “To Hus” (which was a great video by the way!).