Yegor Popretinskiy in Vietnam – Video

on 22. January, 2013 – 00:41 / 9 Comments

Yegor Popretinskiy (Rus-11) finished the PWA tour in 13th position in 2012 and has decided to prepare in Mui Ne, Vietnam for 2013. In December he took part in a video production for one of his sponsors. Normally we don’t like advertising videos, but this one is quite nice and shows a lot of windsurfing action. Unfortunately the PWA event, which was scheduled for the beginning of March got cancelled just one week ago.


“I would like to introduce you a new promotional video of my sponsors – windsurf school and hotel Surf4You. The shooting took place in mid-December of 2012 in Mui Ne, Vietnam. Operator and editor – Vadim Shadrin from Vladivastok, Russia. I think you will like it!” Yegor Popretinskiy



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  • Windsurfer says:

    “Normally we don’t like advertising videos”

    Windsurfers live of sponsors, without sponsors and advertising videos there won’t be professional windsurfing anymore. Please keep publicing video’s like this!

    It’s great =)

    • myr says:

      I tottaly agree with u.
      WTF? …we dont like ardvertising video….? yeah righ but there is no poblem when it’s an advertisement video from starboard or severne. We all know why…. Thats why do not post this kind of comments please. Without those few sponsors left in this sport there is nothing more.

    • medea says:

      We know that the sponsors are important for the riders and if there is enough windsurfing we will always post it. But honestly, sometimes there are videos where the windsurfing action is put too much in the background and this we don’t like.
      And for myr: I don’t want to give an answer as your comment is pretty stupid. We’ve posted the promo videos from many different companies in the past (Simmer, Gaastra, NP, Fanatic, North, JP, etc.), but maybe you can’t remember, want to fight or are frustrated.

      • myr says:

        Ok maby Im stupid and I know exactly that C7 have posted other companies videos. So…? So why you gave that comment for this video.

        Btw I didnt said that your “comment is stupid” …. so please….

        • medea says:

          If you know, that we have posted other companies videos, why are you then complaining?
          We gave that comment, because it is an advertising video for a hotel, which is not a windsurfing brand.

  • Good thing you guys posted it! coz I loved it ;D
    Yeeah popretinskiiyyy !!
    The wave spot looks great by the way

  • Thomas says:

    Ha ha, two Yegor’s in the end of the movie. I really really love seeing you sail waves with your freestyleboard. (I love quarterpiping my old skate.) Not because of riding but because of the powerful shakas it/you produce/s. More freestyle in waves please. It’s new territory. And you got a wicked forward.

  • Yarden says:

    Sick forwad man!!

    I reallt liked the video!