Y – Episode #1

on 21. November, 2013 – 16:55 / 2 Comments

Watch the first episode of Fred Bonet’s online video series called “Y”. It’s 8:57 min long and makes a successful start into the series. And it’s something completely different and fresh in windsurfing. 


What’s the main story about in episode #1:


The story starts straight after some windsurfing action. Rocky, played by Nicolas Reynes,  sails in nice wave conditions. He lands a few nice jumps and rides a few rides. Two young students friends Mateo (23) Keko(20), both Funboard windsurfers, spent their time in southern France during their holidays. They both meet at a well known Tramontana spot with flat water and they realize that the old experienced sailors are never there, when it’s really windy and assume that they know another spot, a spot with waves. They both decide to investigate. It doesn’t take long time that the old guys realize, that Mateo and Keko follow them and try to find out the secret about the spot……


4 more episodes will follow during the next week. So stay tuned!


main actors in “Y”:  

Mateo / Keko students – Sharky  by Fred Bonet – Capucine / model – Rocky / by Nicolas Reynes / male nurse – Naty, girlfriend of Rocky, teacher – Freddy by Fred Dias / trader and nightclub singer – Anais / works in the club where Freddy sings – Anais by Alizée Dias / daughter of Freddy – Crazy / Shaper – Katy & Nicky / both webmaster







  • Very nice video. It reminds me of Les Ayguades, we stayed there during Le Defi 2012…

  • eric says:

    Why is a good question….
    It could have been nice because of the good conditions, nice moves, nice spots, good riders…it could have been…But why the acted scenes? Embarassing to say the least….