Kenya – Windsurfing Into the Unknown

on 28. September, 2012 – 10:35 / 8 Comments

In early 2012, Windsurfing Into the Unknown set out to discover Kenya’s picturesque coastline and wild safaris as a windsurfing destination.
Many of you may have already seen photos and stories from the journey in magazines and now the full movie from the trip is complete and ready for you to watch. All the footage is from Kenya’s coastline, both north and south of Mombasa, and inland from Tsavo East National Park, and all music is by Kenyan artists.
Riders: Michael Rossmeier and Phil Soltysiak







  • Guys don’t forget that you can watch this in 720p! Hope you enjoy it and let us know your comments.

  • PIerre says:

    It feels so good to see some new places, especially some places you don’t expect to be windy or made for windsurfing.

    The images and landscape are crazy. Looks like it was an amazing journey, with huge culture shock and good vibes… makes me wanna go too!

    Really nice video guys!

  • Tomek says:

    looks lika great adventure apart from good action on the remote beaches

  • Ed C says:

    Amazing editing. Really good video. What was the breeze like out there? it looks fairly light for the majority.

    • thanks guys – glad you liked the video!

      @Ed C,
      There is/was a travel story in most major windsurfing magazines, where you’d get more info about the trip, the spots, along with a lot of photos…

      From January till March, there is wind from the left, fairly light, yes, but also very constant. We were on our 5.2 and 100 liter freestyling every day in January! Could have gone there with 1 board 1 rig basically :)
      In June till September it’s stronger winds from the right – then it is supposed to be a bit more gusty but in the 30 knots range…

      all the best

  • Rambo says:

    Fucking awesome movie dudes!!!!
    Great work!
    Enjoyed it from the first second.

  • Berni says:

    He Rossmaier ! wos hast du füre Moves in dein Heat gmacht: Sail-Body 360, Upwind 360, Luv 360, ! wuahahah 😉 Auf jeden Fall ein geiler FILM. Gratuliere ! auf gehts nach Kenia.

    Lg Berni