Windfoiling Video

on 3. December, 2013 – 14:12 / 7 Comments

Benjamin Tillier is a windsurfer from New Calendonia, who has fallen into foil windsurfing. In this video Benjamin is using a 5,5m slalom sail in 10-12 knots of wind and hid did a max. speed of 24 knots. He says, that he always uses a 2,5m smaller slalom sail than on a normal Slalom board. But what he really likes is to blast with his 3,7 wave sail in 10 knots or to pass areas with absolutely no wind: “You have the feeling of flying!”

To take off with a 7m sail you need around 8 knots, but Benjamin is still testing the minimum wind limit. We would like to know, what the Continentseven users think about foil windsurfing?











  • Blink says:

    Freestyle+foil the new crazy world… Last frame is an attemp of Kono

    • Philip Guiaux says:

      Am i wrong, or are these just regular slalom boards with a foil fitted to the fin box? I’ d reaally would like to try it . Does anybody know where to purchase these foils if indeed they are mountable in a regular board ….

      Any insights would be great …. The internet has no refernce on mountable foils …. It just looks on the video that they are right in the same spot as a regular fin. Myou fins a lot on the internet on special hydrofoiling boards but if you could just buy a fin like that and transform your board … Man ..
      Of course there are physics at play like the angle of attac of the foil and whether you using a static or dynamic foil .. But still .
      I’d like to know what foil they are using

      Thanks any info would be greatly apprecaited..

      Mahalo Philip

      • Most of the foils I’ve seen (Rush Randall’s in the US, a few custom ones in France/Australia etc) have been built in to the board. I assume because there is so much pressure generated from the lift of a foil that it would rip the fin box straight out of the board if it was just put in like a normal fin …

        There isn’t a lot on the web because not too many people have tried developing one for windsurfing. Strange, because in Kiting it’s super common as well as Foiling Moths etc etc. I heard that Z-Fins was looking to develop them for formula …

        I think the cost is the biggest hurdle. One foil for a Foiling Moth here in Australia is costing $2,500-5000 to produce, and you need TWO of them!

        Like anything though … if some big players like the fin manufacturers get involved and start building some, then a bunch of people will start building them in their garage at home and the cost will come down etc etc. Would be pretty cool… I think it could breathe a breath of new life in to windsurfing :-)

        • Ben Tillier says:

          PS: hey Sean! when do we see you in new Caledonia? maybe next year for the PWA!!
          Julien didn t have enough time to test the foil last week but sure next time!
          See you’

      • Ben Tillier says:

        Hello Philip!

        I m developing and testing the GP Foils in kite surf and in windsurf.
        The foil is made with a classic deep tuttle so it suits every windsurf board with a deep tuttle box!
        We made the first tests 6 months ago on my Starboard I sonic 122 ltr and the box is still alive as i used it this afternoon!
        My friend on the video use is 121 ltr JP and it s all good!
        You just need to fix the foil with the good screws and a block to fit well in the box.

        The balance of the foil (angles and everything…) is already made, so you just have to put it on the board and enjoy new feelings in light wind instead of waiting on the beach or in front of the forecasts!!
        if you have more questions don t hesitate to ask on the facebook page of GP Foil

        The foil with deep tuttle is 1400 euros and order one with the designer Georges:

        You can see a bite more the foil on this video:



  • philip says:

    Hmm, it loos like GP foil is making them so no reference to prices yet buy you can find pics on Facebook adres at end of film …. the foils seems to have a deep tuttle so it’s mountable in a finbox that might need some reinforcements at the top …. to be continued

  • James McCP says:

    Looks awesome!

    If I were developing it I’d look at emulating the moths with a centre foil and trim tab. The new moths have a pushrod system that drags across the water and auto trims the foil so it hardly ever breaks the surface and cavitates. YouTube it.

    A centreboard foil may not by the best option for us, maybe a for and aft foil with small trim between them. It’s made the moths much more user friendly and from a sales perspective would be a great option to get regular sailors into it!