Windboarding on Snow

on 31. March, 2014 – 21:59 / 4 Comments

This clip shows some rare footage of windsurfing on snow with skis and a snowboard. See some Foward Loops, Spocks, Double Spocks, Shakas, straight jumps and other crazy moves made by me Guy Trudeau Jr and by Grégoire Lafortune in Canada. Looks like some serious fun and I guess we will try it out next winter.




  • awesome guys, first video I have seen where this actually looks kinda decent.

    interesting the trick with the snowboard is to move the mast track back in front of the front foot, we tried right at the front and it flattened the board off too much.


    • myr says:

      Indeed. It’s the first time it actualy looks like it’s working. This looks so awesome.

  • Greg Lafortune says:

    Thanks guys, it’s actualy a lot of fun. We had a very cold winter here in Québec, Canada so the surfaces were perfect for windsnow right in the backyard. I’ve spent some weeks tuning the concept of windsurfing on a snowboard, for those interested to try, here’s what I found :
    – put 2 mast base ‘hole’, one at the front and one at the back and alternate sailing.
    – put the mast base 3 inches from the binding and it’s better to have it 2 to 3 inches raised up to eliminate risk to your feet and bad lever that can break the board or attach.
    – remove binding’s highbacks for good flexibility.
    – tune the bindings to have it well center toe-side VS heel-side with 19 inches stances and 0deg front 0deg back or 10deg front and 5deg back for freeride.

    Have fun and see you next winter !

  • Flo says:

    wow super nice Greg, would like to see more of this next winter!!