Willy Skipper Philip Köster
on 15. February, 2014 – 15:12 / 17 Comments

A Willy Skipper variation by Philip Köster.





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  • Panos says:

    hmm Willy Skipper board 180..As the normal willy goes 180 degrees,Philip adds another rotation of the board of 180 degrees.That goes 360 :) Pretty cool wave move though!

  • Silver says:

    Willy Skipper Board 360 sounds acceptable to me.

    Aerial board 360 doesn’t say anything about the direction of the rotation. Half lazy suzan seems problematic as well, since it’s not half the rotation of a lazy susan.

    We could simply call it “Willy Skipper 360″ since he rotates 360 degrees in total, starts with a willyskipper and keeps sliding. It would be more suitable to the naming system used on this site so far, in my opinion.

  • J says:

    Lets just call it for what it is… a willy skipper !
    I don’t want to see a sliding 540 skipper, and naming every rotation
    does lead to that kind of judging. Next up: Skipper 900…………

  • This is nothing new and nothing special i think it was the 1st variation of willy skipper invented , it is called a free willy

    • And i think Yarden Meir does the same move, but he jumps again for the second 180degrees… It looks sick but no one cares i guess

    • medea says:

      Thanks Thomas. Free Willy, was our first thought too but then we’ve googled it we found two other explanations of a Free Willy. Both different, though 😉
      According to the German Surf magazine a Free Willy is a Willy Skipper Variation with Cowboy and according to the Daily Dose online magazine a Free Willy is a kind of Willy Skipper 360° but with a Backwind Jibe in the end (Lars Petersen invention).

      We know that this move is not new, and just wanted to add it to our move database and we haven’t had it on video yet. Are you 100% sure about the naming Free Willy?

      • This is how we used to call it, that s all i know. And what lars pedersen does is willy skipper 540

        • Mike Burns says:

          Its not a free-willy. A freewilly is basically a spock but the willy skipper version. As the board slides through the 360 you backwind and then flip the sail. This move is a willy skipper 360. Theres also a 540 version. I Learned these moves back when they were winning events :-) Matt Pritchard was freestyle champ back then……

          • Mike Burns says:

            Just read my above post. I meant there is also a 540 version to the free willy. It would look like a spock 540 but initiated with a willy skipper.

          • Well i have been competing 6 years on the pwa freestyle tour and what you call a free willy was scored as a willy skipper 360 by the judges on my score sheets… Just saying

          • eric says:

            As far as I remember this has always been called a free-willy.
            At the beginning there were those willy skipper variations made popular by Matt Pritchard,Robby seeger, Josh Stone etc:

            -Willy skipper 360 or 540
            -Jack knife
            -Free willy
            -Willy skipper “into push tack”

            This has always been a free willy and I think the name was often wrongly used to describe willy skipper 540/360, but as far as I remember analyzing freestyle moves on paper magazines (back to 2000) the first sequences of this move published (matt pritchard as an AHD/Gaastra (the team) rider this was named a free willy, no question about that.

          • medea says:

            Hi Eric!
            Please help. What is the Jack Knife? Never heard about this Willy Skipper variation.
            Cheers Kerstin

  • Mike Burns says:

    Hey Thomas, I came in 3rd in a PWA event in 2003 just behind Tati and Tonky and competed in pwa events from 1999 to 2004 when these were the moves to do to win heats. The move I described was marked on my scoresheet as a free willy…. But then when I learned flakas, they were called Swayze and grubbies were called worm burners. Maybe the move names have changed over the years.

    And congrats on the redbull win!!! Sick action!!

  • medea says:

    Thanks to Graham Ezzy, we have got a statement from Matt Pritchard, who is the inventor of the Free Willy.
    Matt: “The difference between the Free Willy and the Willy Skipper 540 is that on the sail flip of the Free Willy you also do a full body pirouette……. I came up with this move while training some freestyle over in Kihei and the movie Free Willy just came out…… I came pretty close to a whale out there that day and the name just came to me!”

  • andrea says:

    oh yeah!!! Mike Burns!! what a legend, polakow doesn’t even get close to your exceptional PWA career!!