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Wave Ride Side Onshore Marcilio Browne
on 3. July, 2012 – 18:30 / 11 Comments

Yesterday was the first day of the PWA event in Pozo. Marcilio Browne was one of the riders, who really impressed us. This wave ride, for example, is one clip of many nice clips we got.

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  • Kuba says:

    The sad truth about pozo is that he rides 3 consecutive waves, not 1 ….

    • Maarten says:

      I agree, does this actually count as one ride, and is it scored as such?
      Great sailing though…

  • raw says:

    True somehow, kuba!

    But considering how crappy the waveriding conditions are in Pozo, the more amazing it becomes how Mac Browne is ripping the s..t out of it!

    He’s ON FIRE!

  • JP says:

    But the fact is that yesterday the waves were very crappy in Pozo. We had better conditions the days before!

    • valerio says:

      “Bro, you should have been here yesterday!!!”: since the “Endless summer” movie, so many surfers and windsurfers answerd like this…

  • paolo biondani says:

    go go go marciliooooo!!!! i want u on the podium!!! this sick ride is 10/10 for style,consistence,power

    • Maarten says:

      Why so negative again? Nobody is criticizing Marcillio, or questioning his style or capacities… you’d have to agree that this is ‘not really’ a great wave to ride, and in fact he rides three… he makes the most of crappy conditions (in terms of waves) in his own unique style. The remarks here are about the the conditions, not the rider, so you’re just missing the point with your babling about ‘computer windsurfers’ here, or would you call this a ‘great wave’? I think every ‘computer windsurfer’ and worldcup rider alike would disagree with you…

  • georgi says:

    the riding you are watching is ridden with 3.7 at 8 bfts. i dont think any of the so called” know everything” computer windsurfers know what they are talking about…a big shout goes out for browzinho!

  • paolo biondani says:

    I’m sorry 4 marcilio coz the quarter final against victor today was crearly won by browne with more consistent rides and for the most radical tweaked push-forward of the contest.

  • AlB says:

    awesome riding but can’t be counted as 1 wave, I would count 1 wave as one where if you were on a surfboard you would continue to ride it.. dont think they would be possible here… but thats not what pozo is about!!