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on 11. February, 2013 – 16:51 / 14 Comments

Boujmaa Guilloul (M-3) is a great freesailor and a lot of footage gets released in bigger video productions. The latest one was the DVD movie production “Don’t let go”.

Actually Boujmaa released the first “Wave Trotter” episode with great action from Lanes and Ho’okipa on Maui, Hawaii. This action got captured during fall and winter 2012. More episodes will follow. And it looks like Boujmaa is back and  has fully recovered from his foot injury.

Adele Frola and Andrea Franchini from Italy  filmed the action. If you are interested in our latest interview just click in here



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Loick Lesauvage at Ho'okipa
Loick Lesauvage at Hookipa

It looks like Loick Lesauvage has been windsurfing at Ho’okipa for ages, but he wasn’t. He is from France and just 15 years-old.

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Jason Polakow
Jason Polakow at Cloudbreak

Last October Jason Polakow set out to windsurf Cloudbreak, one of the most famous left-handers south of Tavarua island on Fiji.

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Philip Köster in "Wild in Pozo"
Philip Köster in “Wild in Pozo”

Philip Köster definitely knows how to sail in Pozo. Watch this short clip from Philip’s windsurfing session yesterday.

Camille Juban and Antoine Martin went big on Masirah Island, Oman
Oman Desert Windsurfing

Camille Juban, Antoine Martin, friends and a camera team travelled to Oman during July 2014 and produced a nice clip.



  • georgi says:

    After watching Browzinho’s clip I thought nothing will impress me for a long time but this guy did. Simply crazy stuff.

  • Simon says:

    Really bad editing and spoiled action as a result.

  • krischuschnig says:

    perfect editing is only important for advertisment and cinema…
    in windsurf we want to see action
    i loved to see this video and i will see it again
    thanks boujmaa go on like this

  • Antoine says:

    Enough negativity! Like my mother always says: “If you don’t have anything nice to say then shut up!”
    Nice one Bouj!

  • We also don’t like negativity. There is already too much negativity in this sport, but we still love what we do and love windsurfing.

  • The Bear says:

    Riding.. perfect, crazy, beautiful, sci-fi… Boujmaa rockt as every time!

    But the edit?… only Crazy!

    All the time I thought I have something with my computer or internet connection.

  • Joe says:

    Nice clip, but way too much editing which I think anyone will agree with. Leave the clip at normal pace

  • nv says:

    smooth style .

    looks like the style of francisco goya.
    like it a lot.

  • Rip says:

    I’m sorry, but I need write something. Where do you see negativity? Everybody said, that the action is fantastic, but the edit is not that good and a litle bit crazy – which definitly is. This is no negativity, this is very polite criticism, without insulting anybody or anything. This kind of situatin you will find everywhere in sport, society and also in windsurfing. That’s the life and it is not bad.

  • inga says:

    great action, but yeah, why in the world would you fast forward bottom turns?

  • Yanni says:

    Great action and original edit !! No prob!!!

  • Yakari says:

    before i thought kauli was the best wave sailor, then he went to nielpryde and it all went down hill. now i believe the best wave sailors are boujmaa g
    marcilio brownie
    josh angulo
    also some of the free sailors from ocean 7 blog rip pretty hard..

  • Yakari says:

    bouj im sure you can land pushie into back loop hang loose yakari, love pink floyd..

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