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Video – Windsurf Park in Leucate

on 12. December, 2010 – 22:34 / 37 Comments

The Wesh Center Crew (windsurfing club of Julien Taboulet & Caroline Barbeau), located in Leucate (South of France), has released a video presenting the Wesh Center windsurfing park. Julien Taboulet, Thomas Traversa and Antony Ruenes show you in a first teaser what is possible in the park at the kickers and sliders. Some hard crashes are included.

From April 2011 on you can visit the center as well and try out the park.


  • Mathias says:


  • m says:

    this looks like some shit take on wakeboarding. keep it to real freestyle or waves.

  • bjoern says:

    this is just for pros or surfers who get there boards for free, no?
    one slam and your fin is off or your board has a broken nose.

    for promo only in my opinion

  • Kieran says:

    It’s high time this is finally getting more exposure. It’s as much fun as it looks, and then some. Haters will hate, but that’s because they haven’t tried it. A trans-nation air high-five for your effort and production.

  • Claudio Marzeddu says:

    everybody at home has a shitty board that can be used for STUNT only… so not only for pros… or probably they rent them. or time to project new boards!

  • Joshua says:

    If you look at back of the boards, you can see they put multiple finboxes in there and, what looks like, kitefins i gues 😛

    opening april 2011! hope you can rent the boards by then 😛 😀

  • kk2 says:

    haha sweet, nice crashes in the beginning, damn. Why you wear sneakers on the slide? DId ya boards have no grip anymore?

  • jjjj says:

    This is really great! I wonder if you guys have tried willy skipper on the slider? Keep it up!

  • Kasper says:

    This could be the start of a new windsurf discipline. I have met guys in Switzerland and Hungary who could only dream of pushloops and forwards, as they never had the chance to surf on real waves. They worked hard on their double spocks and other freestyle moves, but with a perfect kicker and 6 bft a whole new world of moves could open for them.

  • Stev-0 says:

    Great to see a windsurfing park and giving the sport the wake/kite/skate park style media coverage!!!
    I wanna have a go :-)

  • Paul says:

    A très bientôt au “weshcrewcenter” les gars !

  • Thomas says:

    Only works when you are wearing a basketball jersey and your shorts over your wetsuit.

  • Max says:

    so fucking cool!

  • piet says:

    this rocked. The PWA should have park as a disipline in a few years. Frontflip onto the railslide

  • Sarah-Quita says:

    IN flippin SANE !! Looks pretty hard though !

  • max m. says:

    really nice!!
    with the small fins in the back its much better than with one fin board and the “oldschool” ramps.
    such a ramp is much easier to built (also less money) than the old fashion-one-fin kickers with all the complicated stuff.
    the simplier the better!!!

    i would have one question to anthony, thomas or julien:

    do you think its also possible to surf in bigger chop with those small fins in the back???


  • leo says:

    song is by dropkick murphys and is called shippin out to boston. the park is SICK!

  • Amber says:

    this is really awesome!

  • Flo says:

    Hammer Geilllll………….

  • adam says:

    THIS I LIKE!!!!!!!!

  • loris says:

    so good!
    but i do not worry about the boards, but i am realy
    thinking about the beat they get on the back
    anyway awesome

  • Mathias says:

    I like the boards.

    Multible small fins, so they dont have to build a ramp with a cone you’ll have to hit.:)

  • Philippe says:

    « Only works when you are wearing a basketball jersey and your shorts over your wetsuit. »


  • sick!!! keep rocking dudes!!

  • Max says:

    What did you use as top material for the ramp? Where the Board hits the ramp … ? Some sort of polyethylene?

  • Olli says:

    cool idea, really unsual!

  • gri says:

    They have the look, the little fins… just miss the helmet! haha!

    Sont fous ces français. Il n’y a presque pas d’eau… plutôt pette la yeule comme on dit en québécois… ( pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas le Québec c’est en Amérique du Nord, au Canada ) … on fait aussi de la planche par chez nous… même s’il neige… comme quoi on est un peu fous nous aussi… mais la mode des shorts par dessus les suit est fini par ici!

    Keep windsurfing guys… you are in the good line!

  • rick says:

    wesh should try a fs/boardslide, (backwind)
    totally sick man. Innovation keeps on coming, don t understand how anyone could hate on such revolutionary ideas and action.

  • rick says:

    hmm and bs boardslide-cana brava could be super stylish

  • Flo says:

    shove it airspock @ 1.23?!?! sick!

  • Boef says:

    Brilliant idea guys,
    Nice promotion for the windsurfing sport.

    People that don’t like it probably don’t have the balls or the skills to ever try it…

  • thomas says:

    thans for all the comments guys!
    we put a lot of effort to get to this, and to be honest we did´nt expect it to work so good!
    just for the info, after 3 days non-stop riding the boards were not damaged at all, and none of us got hurt ( even if the crashes look bad, it´s still muuuuuchhhh better than crashing on a skateboard for example )

    Wesh will have some boards to rent when he opens the park, no worries!

    see you there


  • Loick says:

    yehh men balaize!!

  • Ermis says:

    1:20 wich moove is this??

  • kz says:

    what material you use in the top surface of the ramp

  • Robin says:

    It’s an air spock :)