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Video – Klaas Voget at Heligoland

on 1. August, 2012 – 13:09 / 2 Comments

The German wave sailor Klaas Voget visited the German island Heligoland located in the North Sea.

Heligoland is located 46 kilometres (29 mi) off the German coastline and consists of two islands: the populated triangular 1 km2 (0.4 sq mi) main island (Hauptinsel) to the west, and the Düne (“dune,” Heligolandic: de Halem) to the east. (Source:


Klaas Voget:“It’s been a longtime goal of mine to go and check the conditions on the only german offshore island Helgoland. It’s location is right in the german bay, about 50kms offshore southwest of Sylt, so i thought it should offer some conditions and it’s worth a visit. Helgoland with it’s harbor was a major target by the british military in WW2 and was meant to be erased off the map after the war with the strongest non nuclear explosion the human being came up with. Fortunately Helgoland survived the detonation, so I was able to put my feet on these nice little islands, that host a great variety of birds and seals. The conditions were not epic and waves disappeared with the tide going down, but it was still a great trip and a cool experience to sail with plenty of seals checking you out… Thanks to my clothing sponsor Chiemsee for supporting this project!”