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Video – Arthur Arutkin in Chile

on 7. March, 2013 – 13:50 / 7 Comments

Arthur Arutkin has sent us his latest videoclip from his recent trip to Chile. He was there for three weeks and was sailing at Matanzas, Topocalma and Pupuya. It is great to see the 16 year old talent getting better and better.
Unfortunately Arthur has injured his knee, needed to undergo surgery in France and is now off the water for a while. We hope he will have a speedy recovery.

Filmed by: Victor Fernandez, Klaas Voget and Francisco Garcia Lopez

YouTube Preview Image


  • Peter says:

    I dont like the movie, and I dont like the sailor, he sails ok for his age but there are a lot better guys out there

  • miguel says:

    Great video!
    What is this songs’ name?

  • Mahey says:

    He´s got ok skills… Lucky guy with his sponsors… But I think he is overrated…

    There are lots of kids all over the world with the same or even more skills than him that are less valorated and unfortunately can´t get to travel, improve and get better because their sponsors are not giving a fuck on them… What a pity for the sport…

    Anyways keep sailing Arthur you are a lucky one

  • schleudergang says:

    Hey Guys
    i really do not understand why you are so unfair to him.
    why are you trying to put him off?
    i like the video i like the music its all well done.
    what is it, envy? Arthur was very lucky to get the sponsors, so what? should it be forbidden for him to travel and improve because he is not a world champion yet? what about all the poor black african kids who have talent, but never had a chance to even see a winsurfing kit?

    Hey Arthur ride on and improve even more (you are already way better than 90% of windsurfers), and ignore people trying to stop you!

  • felix says:

    dear suburbia whats wrong with some windsurfers nowadays..
    that kid shreds! cant think of many 16 year old kids doing turns like him..
    yeeew go arthur