Ulitmate Windsurf Game

on 28. December, 2013 – 22:41 / 10 Comments

“Ultimate Windsurf Game” is a new free windsurf game.  Senne (developer): “I am aiming to make the game as an update of the game “windsurfing MMX” which is a great game, but has stopped in development. I made the Cape Town location for WMMX, and all the good reactions fired me up to start this new project. With my little experience of game development and my passion for the sport, I hoped to contribute something more to the windsurf scene. The game will be focused mostly on wavesailing, but I will try to add more disciplines in further development.”

Honestly we are no gamers, so it is hard to tell you if it is good or not, but maybe there are some gamers among the Continentseven readers, who can tell us if it’s well made or not? 



According to the developer the most important features are:
– 7 locations + pacific island
– Creating custom boards
– 5 real sails and 5 real boards available
– more than 20 moves/combinations
– PWA-based heatscoring
Link to download the game for free: