AWT Maui Makani Classic – Double Elimination Video

on 10. November, 2012 – 23:44 / 6 Comments

The final tourstop of the AWT saw phenomenal 5 days of contest at Ho’okipa Maui and the super talent 16 year old Bernd Roediger on top of the pro class. He was able to defeat former Wave Worldchampion Kevin Pritchard in the double elimination finals twice. 


“Everyone was in agreement that there hadn’t been a competition like at Ho’okipa for a very long time. The biggest names in windsurfing from back in the day put up a fierce fight and an epic show against some of the top new names in the sport.” Sam Bittner, Tour organizer stated after the showdown.


With 120 entrants, from 24 countries, 60 amateur competitors, 20 female sailors and a who’s who in the Professional division, this event was destined from the outset to be a very, very special few days. Combining the incredible entry list with some all-time Ho’okipa conditions with waves in the 12-15 foot region, spectators and competitors alike were treated to a spectacle that any of the competitors will be forgetting anytime soon!

Watch an action packed clip about the double elimination produced by the Maui Nerds!




  • mike says:

    this kid has incredibly improved as it seems. congrats, insane sailing Bernd!!!!

  • Marcel says:

    While Kevin is sailing a 6.2 Bernd is sailing a 4.2 :-). Love his style.

  • Sjoerd says:

    Woooooooowwww Bernd’s style is SICK!
    Watching the clips from the finals is like watching Angulo vs. Kauli, power vs. flexibility… And what you like best is up to taste I guess, but I have been hoping for someone with Kauli-like turns for a while now, and the way Bernd rides… Sicksicksick

    • James McC-P says:


      Almost exactly the same style difference as the 2007 Kauli/Angulo finals!

      Bernd get Levi to film you I want to see some action!! :)

  • georgi says:

    Kevin was on a 5.3 EzzyPanther Elite. Looks awesome btw.