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Starboard 84 new models 2013

on 15. August, 2012 – 12:46 / 6 Comments

Starboard has released 84 new models including the wave,freestyle, slalom, speed and freerace boards, plus a new interesting concept for the entry level, the Inflatable WindSUPs.

The new wave models include new Quads, a new range of innovative surfing concepts called the NuEvos and Philip Köster’s very own signature model, the Kode. If you’re into pure freestyle, be sure to look up at the new Flares.

On the racing side, you can read all latest details of the new iSonics here, Björn Dunkerbeck´s Speed boards and last but not least, the Futuras.

But what is really new, are the Inflatable WindSUPs, which could attract beginners or entry level people.




  • myr says:

    This will be out of subject (sorry)
    Why not 200 new models? Is this some kind of race for making the biggest catalog? It would be better if they focus on quality than making every season new grpahics. I mean who cares how much boards they released when they are not even worth their prices.

    Just an example of other company – how to kill this sport:
    Prices for a Quad board 2013 / 2012 / 2011 : 2.099 / 1.999 / 1.899 (with other boards in their catalog is the same)
    Every year + 100 euro. Doeas it means every season they are better in the sense of 100e or to make a new graphics every season is more expensive for about 100e?…………

    Sorry I know it’s not in the subject of this news but it makes me sad when I see when some company have “big mouth” about it self because of how many new board the have just made. Soon they wont have to make them because there will be nobody to buy them.

    • Sacha says:

      I think that creating something like an inflatable windsurfer for beginners is not really an attempt to kill our sport.

      Have you taught anyone to windsurf lately?

  • I want an inflatable flare

  • myr says:

    Many….since many years now….;)

  • sailr says:

    We had an Inflatable SUP last summer.

    We did not panic as the kids dragged the board up and down the beach over small rocks etc.

    Hence our board became the party board for the entire “rat pack” on the beach.

    These kids may grow up keeping our sport alive.

    Remember what killed Windsurfing – super specialized, high wind gear that was not children or beginner friendly.

    85 boards is a lot no doubt – but I am stoked to see that they develop “toys” that are family friendly.

    For our industry to survive we need to get the next gen of kids stoked about water sports.

  • myr says:

    Ok i like the idea of bringing new kids to this sport with boards like Inflatable SUP.
    But WTF is this….?
    iSonic Wood: 2011 1760 € / 2012 1880 € / 2013 1950 € ==> + 190 € + 10.8 % in two years
    iSonic Carbon: 2011 2080 € / 2012 2180 € / 2013 2350 € ==> + 270 € + 12.9 % in two years
    Does anybody there heard smthng about financial crisis or is it just in my country?
    No more questions. They’re killing it…..