Shove It Spock 540° Oda Johanne Stokstad Brødholt
on 28. March, 2014 – 21:55 / 9 Comments

Shove It into Spock 540° by the Norwegian freestyle sailor Oda Johanne Stokstad Brødholt.




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  • Silver says:

    That’s not really a shove it spock. It’s more like a shove it spock try, since the sail is barely laid down and the board isn’t even close to being vertical.

    This is still a plain spock 540.

    • For us it is more a Shove it into Spock than a plain Spock 540° and Oda wanted to do a Shove it into Spock. How many girls have you seen training Shove it into Spocks? Half-full, half-empty… it is the same. Cut her some slack 😉

    • henke says:

      Very Nice shoveit spock 540

      Look at stevens shovit spock when you want to keep the momentum going you do not want to lean to much over the sail it will kill all speed on landing and therefore not a nice 540.

      • henke says:

        Check Stevens shove it spock @ on 23. August, 2010

        exactly the same comments lol.

        • Silver says:

          Steven is one of the Top Sailors without a doubt, but he never really was the most stylish when it came to shove it spocks. His shove it spocks are too upright. I know, that it’s a hard move and not laying down the sail fully makes the move much easier, but it’s possible to do this move right as many sailors are proving now(Youp, Tonky, Beholz,…) you just need the right technique.

          The version here is easy. Pretty much everyone who can spock can do this. It’s nice that she’s trying this radical move, but in my opinion she’s not there yet.

          • henke says:

            Maybe we agree to not agree.

            When it comes to shove it spock the more radical the better I totally agree. For a 540 however I personally like a shove it spock 540 more when there is still speed after landing for the 540 part.

            You have to make consessions in this move, take i bigger board with more volume in the tail and a bigger fin you can do it more RAD. however in the current condition with the current equipment this is a very nice Shove it spock 540 and no doubt that over time they will get even more radical.

            So thumbs up for Oda.

  • For me is sick. I have been training this move a lot and is fucking hard. Well done chica!

  • Arrianne says:

    I don’t understand the point of being so negative as first person to comment on the clip..there are only two girls ever who i have seen doing a shove it spock (SQ and Laure) and i think it’s so great more and more girls are pushing the level of freestyle!

    Think it’s a great shot after practising the move for just a week!!

  • hey oda!
    you are killing it pretty much – sick.

    and for me it’s definitly a shovit spock – who ever tried it on dead flat water knows how hard it is and that for sure not everybody who can do a normal spock can do this!!!

    cu soon :)