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Shove It into Spock Nicolas Akgazciyan
on 7. April, 2010 – 11:47 / 3 Comments

The Surf Worldcup Podersdorf in Austria is coming closer. This year the event is again a combievent of EFPT and PWA.

From today on we start to post additional moves from the last year´s event in Podersdorf. Today we start with the last year´s winner in the Freestlye Classix Nicolas Akgazciyan from France with a nice Shove it Spock. He could win the event in Podersdorf already twice, last year and 2007, and additonal he won the Slalom Freestyle combi ranking last year.

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  • sipio says:

    Very nice one from Nicolas! Guess it was not shown in the “classix” (too new school!).

    Btw, is the classix format still alive?

  • medea says:

    As I remember right, it was during the “Classix”. The closer to the final, the more the windsurfers showed higher difficulties. This Shove it Spock counted like a normal Spock and got 1 point, which was the maximum.

  • Felix says:

    I am not sure, but I think it wasn’t in the contest but in the warmup area