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Shotta Mattia Pedrani
on 27. July, 2012 – 12:59 / 40 Comments

Mattia Pedrani invented the Shotta in 2009 and it is basically a Shove it into Flaka.

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  • ale says:

    shit move! its a shove it and then a flaka…such a bad combination

    • claudio marzeddu says:

      of course you can do it…
      of course you can jump after a shove it…

      • Spocki says:

        He didn’t say he could do it. But this move really doesn’t look any good. Not fluid at all.

  • inFAMOU$ says:

    Wow, a rocket scientist… it’s a shove it then into a flaka…REALLY? Did you manage to read the description all by yourself???

    Thanks for your feedback, now what? You want me to stop doin it? Or should I just not upload it for you not to get offended?

    Not fluid? The only way to actually combine the two is making them both fluid…
    so if fluid+ fluid doesn’t equal fluid, well ok. So?
    Rate it 3 stars 0 stars go on youtube and insult me…but at the end of the day you still have to get on with your life…if you have one…and I doubt you do if you have enough free time to hate on a forum. And the other bottomline is I could care less, once again.

    • medea says:

      ;-). Mattia, maybe you should set an example and don´t care, either?

      • inFAMOU$ says:

        Nah, it’s much more fun this way!
        Every once in a while it’s actually fun to act like a petty little dumbass and get on the same level. You go low, I’ll go even lower. Believe that!
        There’s no point in acting mature when dealin with ignorance.
        It’s like an adult with kids. They only stop when you raise your voice or bust their asses. Whatever it is, I’m good with it.

        • Spocki says:

          You do get offended pretty easily don’t you? I think everybody is allowed to have an own opinion about this move. And if I don’t like it…deal with it! Nothing against you

  • brian says:

    I like the intro.. and ik like the effects. the move not so

    now show the next crappy combo!

  • inFAMOU$ says:

    Actually Spocki I had no problem with you. I should have specified that.
    There’s a certain way and attitude to address people and of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, as long as you say it in respectful way.

    Your approach was fine with me. It’s like with food. You could say I don’t like it but you don’t go to a restaurant sayin fuck this food tastes like dogshit…and if you do,
    well that’s ignorant behaviour to me. that’s it.

    You could very well say that you don’t like the move, don’t get me wrong, but it’s one thing to say I don’t like the flow of it and another is saying fuck this move is shit, especially if you need close captioning to understand what it is.

    Same thing with brian actually. Crappy combo? Whatever. To me that’s an ignorant and disrespectful comment. The same type of comment that you probably wouldn’t do if I were in your face at the beach. DOn’t like it? Say I don’t like it or don’t say nothing at all. Don’t just go around insulting people and acting though behind a computer screen cause that just ignorance to me.
    That’s it though, I’ve had enough of this…write whatever you want, I ain’t no damn Dalai Lama after all.

  • Tim says:

    Man it is a shit combo, and we all allowed to say it. U shud actualky stop doing them,,, it hurts the eye !!!!

  • balz müller sui 202 says:

    hey mattia, i`m trying this move since i saw you’ve made it. and i think this move is for me really more difficult than a simple flakashaka. but surfers who never try those moves should better say nothing. and freestyle need guys like mattia who is pushing for new moves 😉 keep rotation =)

  • Troy says:

    I would be happy if I could do either one of those moves. Stringing them together would be a bonus!

  • my playground? says:


    I have seen many of your posts over the years and this has now tipped me over the edge and i feel like i need to reply coz im laughing too much.

    People get on your back so much because of a few things. The first being that you think your some kind of gangster who windsurfs and produces awful rap videos, which by the way i haven’t seen your latest single on MTV yet. Secondly when ever someone comments on your videos you claim not to be offended but really you care alot and so when u reply people they rip into you even harder.

    If this was anyone else posting this video then it would get a 8/9 but your public image gives you a 5.

    I’m expecting a response to this from yourself some where along the lines of “i’m gonna hunt you down and beat you with my 9mm”

    The thing is your a relatively good sailor but unfortunately your a wanna be.

    “Lake Garda is my playground” hahaha

    • inFAMOU$ says:

      If this was anyone else posting this video then it would get a 8/9 but your public image gives you a 5.

      That’s it. Enough said! Your comment is self explanatory.

  • inFAMOU$ says:

    And also, that’s another problem of close- minded people like you.
    How can you judge me based on a move? Why are you judging what I do and how you PERCEIVE me, instead of the actual move itself?

    You don’t like the move? Fine. But how can you not like the move because I’M THE ONE DOIN IT ?????
    I’m glad I don’t understand your way of thinking.

    “Lake Garda is my playground”. So what? I didn’t say fuck anyone who comes here Imma kill them… I just said what my everyday life is about.
    Don’t like it? Fine.

    @Tim: Hahahaha Allright if you say so I will. Just because you asked me though. And of course your authority in freestyle windsurfing has to be respected and acknowledged. Aye Aye captain!

  • inFAMOU$ says:

    And by the way…when did I say that this move was the new move for 2012? Did I ever say that It was gonna be everyone’s favourite and the one that the pros were gonna train all winter?!?!??!?!
    Fuck that.

    I know it’s just a silly weird looking little combo…I MADE IT, so I don’t need you to tell me.
    So what? Do I have to poll the whole windsurfing industry to know what moves I can or can’t try whenever I’m on the water?
    It sounds like a little too much work to avoid 3 dumbass comments of people bitchin about a move they’re never even gonna try anyways.
    Don’t like it, skip to the next one and get on with your friggin lives…

  • Mattia!!! Do not listen to them! Your trick is awesome! I would like to perform it in the heat. I also have move that some people do not like – any trick immediately after the jump – chop hop into (spock, grubby, flaka, speed loop) or even more combinations like – chop hop into grubby into flaka (double flaka, double spock, diablo combinations).I love to have good windy day on flat water of Dahab and just have fun trying new combinations. Cheers, dude. We miss you in a World tour!

  • Silver says:

    I think, that the move isn’t that cool yet, but i see a lot of potenial in it. Like imagine the move with a tweaked shove it at the beginning. That would be awesome!
    And Mattia has my respect for inventing all these new moves. Keep it up! 😉

  • Simon says:

    It’s funny how you want everybody to think that you don’t care about a shit move that you “invented” and then 75% of the comments are written by you. Look how other moves posted by c7 look like. No shitty intro, no “gangsta” image or crap like that. If you did a clip with a move like any other, no one would even comment that it looks like shit. The thing is that you want to show yourself off with this clip and that’s pretty annoying as you can see. Just have some dignity and stop commenting or even delete this shitty clip.

  • paolo biondani says:

    i like it mattiiii!!!so nasty lol man fuppawa! guys respect one of our best wave/freestyle sailor!

  • Fred says:

    Hahaha, this reminds me of the South Park episode with Kanye West and the fishdicks joke.

    If you don’t get, you don’t get it…

    Some people are just saying they don’t like the way you act like the rapping and showing off. It just looks like you are trying to be a real rap-gangster, but you’re not (i’m sorry). I like sex, but that doesn’t make me a pornstar..
    They also try to explain that you take yourself a bit too serious with all the comments and stuff, but you just keep posting these comments and in the end you make the image they have around you only worse.

    Besides all the rapping and bling-bling I like you surfing-style, inventing and combining moves. The Bobby Skipper is actually a pretty nice move and pretty well executed. But this Shotta just doesn’t look natural, it seems a little bit forced, that’s why people complain. But I think it really helps to come up with new combinations.

    So don’t feel offended, just listen to other people and don’t embarrass yourself by posting dumb responses. In the end the reason why the public likes guys like Steven van Broekhoven is because they’re so relaxed and modest.

    • ricard says:

      hey fred
      you are right thats why all the people like steven and the other guys more..

      @mattia you are a awful rapper and this gangsta shit makes me laugh so hard !! you little wanna be 😀 you sail ok but stop doing your rapping …

      this is for you mattia ?(???)? and for his stupid comments that make his image go down.

  • medea says:

    STOP IT! This is no discussion anymore, it is only insulting people! From now on we´ll delete all comments, which miss the point.

  • reading this stuff was the best fun I had all day.

    Move looks very difficult, but I don’t really like it as well. Just like I don’t like CF flakas, also very difficult.

  • fabi weber says:

    hey guys, be nice & keep it clean.

    Wouldn´t it be boring if every character was the same?
    We should be happy that there are some guys playing the game a bit different, having the courage to leave the mainstream path and doing their thing.
    If Mattia wouldn´t do his rap and bling bling stuff, what should we talk about?
    By the way, he´s a really nice guy and good person to talk to, maybe we shouldn´t take everything too serious… And of course he´s fucking good on the water!

    happy sailing everybody!

  • Tobi Lamprecht says:

    Andre Paskowski called his latest movie “Minds Wide Open” – not without any reason – but something went wrong in this channel here.

    What’s going on? Pretty sad that we judge a person on a single move…or a bit of rapping in a video.

    In my opinion, the move is great – and fluid…. and..

    I think it’s inspiring when somebody, like Mattia , doing everything by their own and not taking any song we’ve heard a 1000 times in the latest flicks.

    And he’s sailing amazing – and improving on a freaking crowded and choppy lake.

    So..just don’t take everyting too serious in these days – go sailing instead and don’t hate around without any reason.
    Happy sailing.

  • Topic says:

    Waw guys where are we going where is the passion… The familie way that windsurfers get along right! But now is look like you hate this guy, after all i wonder if it was one other guy in the top riders invented ths move if there was this same story and comment’s !
    For sure than the move would be the best, so don’t hate !!

  • piec says:

    sick move and even harder to land…..respect!!!!

  • claudio marzeddu says:

    probably would be great with a tweacked shove it…

  • Piet met delangeachternaam says:

    I like the move a lot and the slomo is insightful. However, Mattia, you’re one big bag of narcissism and you really should learn how to handle criticism. You react like a 12 y/o autistic kid.

  • medea says:

    We are over it and deleted the last few posts. This discussion is getting out of control, if people start to post with wrong names. Sorry, but your were far away of “be nice, keep it clean and stay on topic”!

  • Greg says:

    Very nice combination man! I like it!

  • John says:

    i reckon this move has got potential if the shuv it was more connected to the flaka. but I don’t think mattia realizes that people are just trying to bait him to get a response. if he didn’t flip out at the negative comments there probably wouldn’t be anywhere near as much of them.

    • inFAMOU$ says:

      Hey John, I do realize that. What apparently THEY don’t realize is that just because I’m answering it doesn’t mean that I actually care about what they’re saying nor am I flippin out, at all!!!
      They’re just talkin about something they have no idea of, so, I’m just shedding a little light. I’m not tryin to convince or get approval from anybody!

      Like that dummy up there with that offensive nickname who’s probably gonna get his banned from C7…with a nickname like that, how much do I think I can care about what you’re sayin? Plus the comment itself is retarded…Like I cannot do shove its or flakas separately… It really looks like nobody has nothing better to do than tryin to bust my balls…and the sad thing is, they cannot even slightly succeed!

      • John says:

        Yes but it looks like you do care, and it looks like you are flipping out. I’d suggest doing a mature comment such as ‘I’m sorry to hear that, you are entitled to an opinion but I will keep innovating and landing new moves’. This would take all the power out of their insults.

        Your responses aren’t going to change their opinion.

        everyone is entitled to an opinion, and if you dislike it tough luck

  • brian says:

    man you got skills no doubt.. however seeing how much time and effort you put in this clip, the (lack) of epicnes of this move doesn’t match your production skills I think..

    and it looks like people were not digging it in 2009 either..

    at least in the comments there you were rapping..

    • Well it actually took me like 45 minutes overall so not such a huge effort and I wanted to do it kinda like the Bobby skipper to show a little bit how the move is actually broken down.
      Again, I know it s just a weird little combo but why not?
      I got almost 3k views on YouTube in 6 days,so apparently somebody does care about it!
      I did remember they didn’t like it already, but I just thought I’d give it another try for good measure :) the rapping comment still stands right now though!

  • AlB says:

    I don’t think your name is very appropriate – Medea is just trying to run a website here and clearly you guys like using it so show some respect!

    Medea why not change the comments system so people can only post when they are logged in via facebook – then you have no anonymous insulting comments…

  • Mazatlan says:

    Thanks for the feedback / suggestions. Unfortunately recently the anonymous trolling has increased, making the threads sometimes a bit shallow and insulting. It’s a pity, but we had to limit anonymous commenting.