Shifty 720° Balz Müller
on 7. January, 2014 – 16:07 / 49 Comments

Yeah, the Shifty 720° is here. The Swiss freestyle sailor Balz Müller is working on the future of freestyle windsurfing… Amazing combo, not perfectly landed yet, but we are looking forward to see it soon…

Balz: “The Shifty is an Air Shaka into Pushloop, frontside cork 720 like in snowboarding!”



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  • dan says:


  • Jonas says:

    Met this guy in Naxos in 2009, same year Steven VB won his first European title. He was crazy back then, and looks like he hasn’t healed from that the madness since… He’s always full power on the water. Given the right training, the finances to compete on a complete tour and some strong winds, he might be a challenger for PWA top 12 if you ask me. Keep it up Balz!

  • Panos says:

    The rotation is too sick..!Respect!

  • Big Ballllls Müller, like the creation :D!

  • Brazilchiller says:

    This guy is the craziest freestyler in the world!!! wane see shifty 360 in the light wind!

  • Hey Balz
    Go further and “move your style!”
    You know what it means…

  • 13Windsurf says:

    He’s just crazy and this trick is so awesome…
    I hope we’ll see more of him like this in the future.

  • Crazy trick !! looks like really hard to land it !but keep trying looks perfect!!!!

  • F151 says:

    Saw the Guy pull an insane planning pasko 2 weeks ago in l’Almanarre before going for a backloop….
    Go Balz

  • Peter says:

    Crazy trick !! I remember that Tonky some years ago crashed a similar move in a shaka crash!!

  • Joe says:

    He’s never going to do that again hahaha. Total hail mary jump. Gnarly though, how crazy would it be if he managed to land one

  • Housi says:

    Go Balz! its crazy but go ahead, you will manage to land!

  • Silver says:

    It has already been landed by a friend of mine and i guess that many who are able to do the shaka have landed it as well. It just obviously hasn’t been caught on film.
    So, the move is definately possible.

  • The vid can not be playd on my labtop. Does anybody know the format or the player used for playing ?

    • schleudergang says:

      I have got an older laptop too, and the jw player just skips the video where there is a lot of motion.
      the only way to watch it is to pause the video every two seconds and wait for the jw player to play back frames it would otherwise skip,
      and then click play again for two seconds and so on.
      what one gets is a kind of stop and forward slow motion, but its enough to watch a move. its a pity jw player has such an inefficient and slow codec.
      i celebrated when C7 stopped violating us :) with quicktime-only videos, but then came the disappointment.
      it is not really a matter of computer speed, vimeo clip play without problems, it is just the player.
      but well i know of no better replacementfor jwd, reducing video resolution would work, though.

      • buy a new computer or use a smart phone, quicktime doesn’t work on mobile, C7 are missing out on a huge audience by not allowing people to view the site properly on their phones.

        Most of the quicktime movies on C7 are actually in mp4 format anyway, so they can be played on a range of web based players which work on lots of platforms, unlike quicktime

  • Patrik Diethelm says:

    Balz, board still in one piece??

  • Matthias Moser says:

    Sick Balz, go for it!!!!
    Your caddy!

  • balz müller says:

    sure patrik :) what else you expected? 😉

  • with all due respect says:

    and respect for the surfing is due indeed, I cannot detect two full rotations.

  • claudio marzeddu says:

    sorry, i love Balz and his crazyness. sick rider
    but i’m sorry i don’t think is a new move. that’s a conclusion without ending of a bad shaka.
    if you go too big and you can’t control it, for sure you go into a pushloop rotation.
    it happened to everybody who try big shakas i guess… the weight remains too much in the back and kaboom! pushy rotation.
    probably we can land something like that. but calling this a new move… there is a big difference.
    and the landing is not even close to be a landing…
    sorry guys.
    and sorry Balz you’re one of my heroes

  • Very sick Balz !! And sorry Claudio, everything what is new can emerge in two different ways. Either by intention and a following creation, or by accident, as you called this in Balz case. Beleve me, I’m a scientist. But doesn’t matter how it emerges it is a new move. For sure, when you surf very frequently, than possibly it is not to new for you, but for me, who surf three or five time the year it is an amazing move, and I also tryid shakas and had similare effects in strong wind !

  • Question says:

    I wonder if Balz tried this one on purpose or it was an accident? It looks fantastic and would be amazing if one day somebody could to it somehow controlled including a landing!

  • suistyle malakas says:

    haters gonne hate 😉 wait until we jump the first windsurfing triple cork basterds fully air TApasko into shifty 😉 that will be the cork 1080 and u wanne know the best, we allready try it! and the cork720 or maybe the shifty balz allready try back in 2009 after crashing a normal airshaka in a big mistral storm on his 3.3! cheers suistyle malakas 😉

    • valerio says:

      @claudio marzeddu:
      it’s true (and Dieter also agrees) the move starts from a “simple” overpowered shaka, all of us has seen (if not done) plenty of these during windy days.
      But then, and THIS makes the difference, Balz is FULL control of the rotation and of the landing.
      Claudio, how many of your shaka wipeouts had the same control??
      It’s true, it’s not a clean landing but it’s very close, and to me this means that a new move, and what a move, was born!
      You know what would be enough to convince all the skeptics? Just to see at least another couple of these jumps, with the same control during the air time.
      Good job BaLLz, well done!!!

  • claudio marzeddu says:

    big balls for balz. for sure, and for sure this thing can even be landed.
    but valerio… to be honest,
    i don’t see the control.
    if you watch it full speed without cut..
    if balz was in control, he could stop the first rotation like a pushloop. opening the sail. i say it again, this is a bad shaka and he didn’t let go the gear like everybody does in this situation.
    i just bought the musso and traversa movie, and watching it today i found almost the same “move”

    • Watch his left hand moving slightly forward in the beggining of first rotation. Normaly even on insane big shakas the dont move the front hand more forward on the boom… me it looks like he is doing with control, with plan of doing “something else”. So it means he is in control, not landing, practicing, soon landing the trick….

  • Sofien says:

    I think we all thought about some sort of a move that could emerge out of the shove-it/shaka crashes. What looks different here is that Balz seemed to go from a shaka into a burner then keept spinning till he touched down, definitely no pushloop in it as mentioned in the description.
    Regarding this was an accident or Balz was actually intended going for it, i personally think he is training to land this move, just by looking at his head and the way he’s guiding the rig i can tell he was totally expecting the rotation and even potential landing.

    Nice work Balz!! Now after the Pasko fever, everyone has to learn the Shifty to win. I’m waiting for some wind my self and go try it haha :)

  • claudio marzeddu says:

    sofi if somebody want to land this you have to go for a pushloop rotation, because is gonna be the one who stop the rotation, or at least slow down it.
    and come on, nobody likes raw cut like this, if you could see the crash in the end,you will see this is just something gone bad. you can write on it “crash” or “sick” but not for sure “new”!!!
    sofien where do you see the burner??
    plus, i’m not an hater, come on..
    my comments are mostly always good to everybody, not an hater.
    but i think i know what i’m talking about.
    if i had a new move in the pocket, before sending to continentseven, i would land it. for sure.

    • sofien says:

      the burner part is right after the shaka.
      i think bringing the front hand closer to the body will help slowing down the rotation and control it a bit.
      claudio, you’re a hater, you’re just a perfectionist… i believe C7 got excited about the move and didn’t wanna focus on the landing all that much. don’t blame’em for that, it’s still sick just as it is!!!

  • jojo says:

    No doubt the guy is crazy. But if you are not crazy, you end up doing power jibes till you get old and rusty. As far as I remember there was a vid where he went into this pushloop thing after a shaka that went wrong in some kind of swiss lake during a 3.7 winter storm. Please corect me if I am wrong. For sure one must have big balls, a Haribo spinal cord and a generous board sponsor. Hats low for Balz!!

  • Silver says:

    Claudio is right. This should not be called a new move, especially since there was already a crash like this from Balz on continentseven. Back then they called it a crash. Now suddenly the same kind of crash is called a new move. It’s a huge exageration and certainly not worth letting Balz name it. As soon as someone lands a move for the first time and has it documented, that person has the right to name the move.

    It’s still “just” a crash. So far it’s nothing but a great idea, since no landing has been documented yet. It has been landed, but not documented. Nobody should have the naming rights yet.

    Of course Balz is a great, radical rider and this is a crazy attempt. So don’t take this as an offense.

  • nino says:

    Best i ve seen in a bit. i m impressed. can t wait to see it complete.

  • Chris says:

    Maaaaddd move! Why not name it “Shifty HD” (720) once someone land the 1080 version we call it “Shifty Full HD” :-). Seriously how have the “right” to name a move? I guess no one, the people decide what they like most for whatever reasons.

  • Dan says:

    i think it is one of the greatest moves ive seen .
    it doesnt look like a meaningless crash , you can see him going for it !
    when i watch this vid (and i did like a million time) i see the new and crazy style of tricks that are going to be born and the next few years , as mentioned earlyer , i want to see a cork 1080 already ! balz is the man and who ever thinks its just a crash then go ahead and film it so you can see how diffrent yours from his will be …

    • Windsurfing tutor says:

      It seems that some participants are in need of some scientific clarifications 😉 please do not take this too serious!

      What matters are two things:
      (1) what specific trick he intended to do and
      (2) whether he was able to land the specific trick which he intended to do.

      Concerning (2): if someone intends to do a trick and fails to land that trick it is called a “crashed something”: a “crashed Shifty”, a “crashed Air Shaka”, etc.
      There can be no disagreement whatsoever about whether this clip shows a crash or not. The disagreement can only turn on what trick the rider crashed and this depends on his intention, i.e. point (1).

      Concerning (1): Intention matters to determine whether we are seeing (a) a crashed Air Shaka or (b) a crashed Shifty 360 or (c) a crashed Shifty 720. Only if the pushloop rotation was intended before take-off can we start to talk about (b) and (c). If the pushloop rotation was intended in a weak sense, for instance as a reaction to a gust and only in order to avoid an even harder crash, it is not intended in the relevant sense of intended.

      Assuming he had intended to rotate before take-off we can discuss (b) and (c). Given that he slightly overrotates the first rotation, there is some ambiguity concerning whether we are seeing (b) a crashed Shifty 360 or (c) a crashed Shifty 720. In deciding this question, it is significant that he is miles away from concluding the second rotation: he would need about three more meters of air to conclude a second rotation. It is this fact which renders it so implausible to speak of a 720. What would lend plausibility to (c) would be if he consistently landed 360s without overrotating them. We seem to be looking at an overrotated Shifty 360. Overrotation is simply one form of crashing tricks involving one or more rotations. (It would seem more likely that someone first lands a Shifty 360 before someone lands a Shifty 720, although it is not strictly impossible to see a Shifty 720 first.)

      Perhaps a comparison helps. No-one is going to claim that an overrotated double forward is a “crashed triple” if the rider intended to do a double forward. It is a crashed double forward as long as what the rider intended to do is a double forward and he does not land it. It is a crashed triple if the rider intended to do a triple, but failed to conclude the third rotation or overrortated it (but this would not make it a crashed quadruple).

      In principle, it does not matter whether someone is able to land a trick or not in order to describe what the rider is doing as a crash of a specific trick; what matters is only the rider’s intention (which needs to be reflected in his actions). The only difference is if, what seems fair play, the right to name a trick depends on whether or not one has ever landed the trick. It would, however, be equally fair play if person X, who inspires others to do a new trick who land it before person X, had some say in what the name should be. The latter may be the case here.

      This concludes the present tutorial. Thank you for your attention. Keep smiling! And please could someone write in response: GET A LIFE, DUDE!

      • Silver says:

        First of all: GET A LIFE DUDE! 😉

        Second of all: In Windsurfing we say something is a 720 when someone rotated 720° from launching the jump to its landing. Like a the Flaka 720 whch is a Flaka with an additional 360 slide. So in total 720° were rotated. Having definded this lets talk about the “shifty 720″. I’m pretty certain that he actually does 2 rotations, if you watch carefully. He initiates the shaka by rotating into the wind, then the sail catches the pressure from the other side and forces him to keep rotating kind of sideways (similar to a burner), but the rotation continues in the same direction. So in the first 360 degrees he starts rotating around a vertical axis, then the pressure in the sail makes him shift the axis of ratation horizontally. Now, i think that it’s impossible to land this first 360° rotation as his body is above the sail and his feet up in the air. So, i doubt that there will ever be a “shifty 360″ and if there will be it will ressemble a shaka too much in order to be called a shifty. The second rotation starts with a horizontal axis of rotation. Again the sail receives some back pressure, which again changes the axis of rotation into a more vertical one, which offers him the possibility to finally land this thing. Notice that the nose of the board nearly faces into the direction he was sailing right before he initiated the jump. A kind of backloop-like landing. To make a long story short: It really is a 720° rotation.

        Imagine it like a double loop where the axis of the rotation changes in a similar way from horizontal to more vertical or vice versa. Yet it would never lead us to call it a normal loop. Same here. The axis shifts, but that doesn’t change the fact, that there are 2 rotations.

        Eventually, i did not read the introduction to your tutorial, so hopefully i’m excuesed for taking it seriously. 😉

        • Windsurfing tutor (sacked) says:

          You are right in pointing out the impossibility to land a 360. I also did not mention that in the clip, he rotates 540, not 360. My boss has fired me as a windsurfing tutor even before you wrote. Hope this is good news for all of us. I will now get a life and a new job.

  • pamir says:

    if he tried to land it as a backloop he could have done it. This is awsome!

    I think in 14 days c7 will publish:
    “Shifty, by Philip K.” :)

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