Air Shaka – Philip Köster

on 17. July, 2014 – 01:53 / 7 Comments

We managed to captured this nice Air Shaka by Philip Köster.




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  • Silver says:

    Could this be called an Air-shaka?

    I mean, we also make the distinction between flakas and Air-flakas.

  • R says:

    Don’t care what you guys call it, what it should be called, or not, if it’s on the wave or behind, back or front. What I call it: SIICKKK!
    And that’s how it should be 😉

  • juisoo says:

    Why is it that everytime a Köster move is put on C7 some people just go out of their way to discredit it? A Shaka just like a Flaka is a Freestyle move that doesn’t care about waves, their faces or backs and as such it is landed no matter what was the intention.
    A landed forward is still a forward even if you took off intending to go for the double.

  • Gary S says:

    It’s an air shaka. Nothing else. And it’s f***ing siiiick.

  • medea says:

    Landing behind the wave is definitely not a Backside 360° 😉

  • schnacker says:

    whaaat? can’t you guys see that its an air schnickschnack (knick-knack)? isn’t it obvious?