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RS.X Worldchampionships – Video

on 4. April, 2012 – 00:02 / 5 Comments

French Julien Bontemps is the 2012 World Champion in the men’s fleet while Lee Korzits from Israel maintained her title from 2011. Lee now is the top favourite for the Gold medal at the Olympic Games in London. 2011 world champion Dorian van Rijsselberge – he won at Perth – missed the podium very close this time finishing in 4th. Congratulations to the winners!


result (after 10 races)

1. Julien Bontemps (24,0 points) 

2. Nick Dempsey (26,0 points)

3. JP Toblin (31,0 points)

4. Dorian van Rijsselberge (31,6 points)

5. Byron Kokkalanis (32,0 points)


Ladies result (after 10 races):

1. Lee Korzits (17,0 points)

2. Zofia Klepacka (21,0 points)

3. Alessandra Sensini (27,0 points)

4. Bryony Shaw (48,0 points)

5. Maja Dziarnowska (55,0 points)


The RS:X World Championships saw extremely strong wind conditions at Cadiz, Spain with 25 to 40 knots. No medal races were sailed on the final day due to extremely strong winds. It was impossible to run any races on 220 liter big boards with daggerboards and 9,5 big sails for men or 8,5 big sails for the ladies.

Alex Mowday sent us following interesting comment from Cadiz: “We  were now just  waiting it out –  the  next day saw  40knots  plus and after   racing was cancelled,  there was a speed sailing  contest on front of the  center – this was  spectacular   with  Dorian  reaching  31.86 knots  and   lots of big  wipeouts –  I  would invite any of the  top speed sailors to  try this –  220 l board-   9.8m sail – 66cm fin –   74kg sailors with  several water bottles strapped to their waist.”


Watch the video of the final day at Cadiz!



  • DMX says:

    Next time bring the small gear ;)!! Is there any footage from the highwind speed contest?

  • Dave says:

    This is a shame for the windsurfing sport
    The worst thing is that millions of people are going to see it during the olympics in Londen and they will create this image in their minds of the windsurf sport.

    Wave, Freestyle or high winds slalom windsurfing is sooo much greater and harder than this kind of windsurfing.

    With all the respect, but sailing on a sailboat of 200 liters and doing tacks….?

    what do you think?

    • Well… sure it’s not as impressive as wave or freestyle. And sure that’s not the coolest idea of windsurfing you can have from an outside point of view. So what? Does it mean that your non-looking friends are not gonna think you’re cool anymore after that?

      This is actually a good thing, since windsurfing is not a mainstream sport like surfing, we (almost) don’t have to fight for a wave or make our way between eachothers.

      Maybe you think slalom, wave and freestyle are greater, but it would never be compatible with Olympic standards. The good thing about RSX is that you can do some everywhere, in any condition. It is the most accessible but hardest discipline in our sport, because it take a lot of devotion, cause trust me, it’s not always fun to turn around buoy, espacially in these conditions, but these guys do it everyday and give up a lot for that, more then any PWA rider.

      And yeah, they’re some of our greatest windsurf athletes, so let’s let them their moment of glory they only have one every four years.

  • corona says:

    horrible 90’s music and comment :S

  • Romain says:

    @Dave 3 rounds of one hour, in 40 knots… with 9.5 m²…
    Please, don’t speack without knowing
    These men and women are the greatest athletes of our sport, they don’t deserve your judgement…