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Andre Paskowski’s new movie is released! “Rewarded” is an amazing windsurfing clip featuring the multiple freestyle world champion Gollito Estredo. The movie was filmed at Gollito’s home and birthplace El Yaque (Venezuela), in Sotavento (Fuerteventura, Spain) and Tarifa (Spain). The movie follows Gollito’s story becoming World Champion from the beginning using the latest slow motion cameras and techniques.

Filmed by: Sebastian Dörr, Manuel Grafenauer, Andre Paskowski
Edited by: Sebastian Dörr 


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  • Thanks Chris and Kerstin

  • sj says:

    naja, mukke haut jetzt nicht vom hocker – action natürlich weltmeisterlich aber etwas in die länge gezogen. lifestyle+tränendrüse wie erwartet. guter film.

  • Best sports-video i’ve ever seen!! love it!

  • myr says:


  • Rambo says:

    DUDE!!! This movie is just fucking awesome!!!!!!! No more words, just fucking awesome.

  • hal says:

    Man! I would never think that a windsurf video could bring tears on my eyes…

  • Spro says:

    absolutely perfect!!!!

  • James McC-P says:

    Hey Andre, just downloading this movie now. I had seen your others but never bought them. Can’t believe you’re releasing this one for free! I felt so bad so I just bought the Turbopack off your site (support Andre!):

    Keep up the awesome work, your an inspiration!

    Whens the next wave vid?
    “I want to see some big arials” 😉 hehe

  • oh says:

    Maybe it is real. But for me it is very hard to believe that Gollito lived in Favela and at the same time he is windsurfing with 5000$ kit.

  • schleudergang says:

    Andre, der Film ist wirklich gut, das publikum allerdings leider, wie man an den kommentaren sieht, _zum teil_, wenger ehh… nennen wir es mal höfflich “offen für Menschenportraits”. es ist im wohlgenährten deutschland aufgewachsen und interresiert sich nur für die Moves, naja, die sich in jedem windsurffilm wiederholenden, etwas zu beliebig reingeschnittenen nahaufnahmen von Frauenhintern stören das publikum auch nicht: ein move – ein hintern , ein sprung – eine titte. das gehört doch klar zusammen. nein nein, versteht mich nicht falsch – ich mag die nakten frauen auch, nur wirkt das ganze hm “etwas” billig. aber damit hat das publikum ja kein problem.

    Aber zum glück müssen die surfer nur eins wirklich: gut surfen können. der rest ist nicht ihr gebiet, entsprechend wenig muss man sich aus den negativen kommentaren machen.
    Aber nicht alle surfer sind so, bei weitem nicht alle, auch ich fand es wirklich spannend golitos geschichte zu erfahren, und ihn als eine echte person, und nicht einen sich hinter banalen sprüchen versteckenden “geborenen windsurfer” kennenzulernen. Ein wirklich spannender film.
    Bitte sich nicht demotivieren lassen und das filmneveau halten! es gibt in der windsurferszene mehr als genug publikum dafür.

  • schleudergang says:

    as oh says, the part where they all tell us about the poverty he came from and the picture showing the kid on a multi-grand kit let questions come to ones mind.
    Anre, how did he manage to start without money?

  • freestylefan says:

    Gollito borrowed gear from the windsurfing centres in El Yaque as a youngster, in return for helping out at the centre and the guys just wanted to help him, most of the gear seen in first years does not belong to him, that´s what I know. Through talent, hard work and dedication, he has made a new life for himself, something some of us will never fully understand, having had mostly completely different backgrounds, with all the advantages that come with it.

  • Marc says:

    ^^^ WHS

    We all fight our own struggle

  • georgi says:

    simply superb.

  • Spro says:

    Really sick video! i think also Cheo help Gollito in the beginning..

  • krischuschnig says:


  • worldtraveller says:

    surfing is a lifestyle

    if you have ,had the money/time to travel around the world

    you understand a bit the culture/lifestyle of other sides from this world

    and understand that we live in welfare

    if you don,t your ,f,c,,ng spoiled and selfish and thats the problem !!

    you want it all ,,i phone,,nice car,, 2013 surf equipment,,nice house,, i pad ,, go pro,,etc etc

    to see how good we are ,,,the status on today !

    respect fore the ones ho come from nowhere and show us how to survive and surf as lifestyle

    only they survive,, we die in our dreams to have it all

    enjoy the moments live and ride and ,,respect the world like it is and how far we come in our time here

    depends on you !!

    its good to learn from this kind of video,s why always full action,if you don,t sorry spoiled ,

    this gives you energy and specialy hope fore a better world tommorow

    we see the world true different eyes

    Thank,,you Andre for the nice work ,Gollito, your mom,, for your privat side of life ,

  • Ady says:

    First of all I would like to congratulate Andre for his work…awesome.

    Is it possible to get the title of the soundtracks?

    thank you

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