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PWA Tenerife 2012 – Day 3

on 14. July, 2012 – 15:09 / One Comment

Philip Köster and Daida Moreno win the Single Elimination of the 2012 PWA Wave Worldcup on Tenerife. Finally the strong forecast materialized and we saw great heats, with amazing waverides, massive jumps and some hardcore crashes. 40 to 50 knots of epic trade winds and up to mast high waves gave the riders the chance to raise the level again… and they did.

Nice conditions on day 3


The single elimination saw probably the best combination of clean waves, wave height, winddirection and windforce. The quarter finals in the men´s elimination were extremely exciting and in some cases tight, like the local fight in between Dany Bruch and Alex Mussolini or the heat in between Kauli Seadi and Ricardo Campello. In the end the same two sailors like in Pozo made it into the winners final: Victor Fernandez and Philip Köster. 



Philip sailed even stronger than in Pozo and he obviously liked the conditions. In an interview afterwards, Philip told us, that it felt quite similar to a strong day at his homespot Vargas. He rotated easily through wave 360s, Goiters and Stalled double Forwards. Everythink looked so easy. Victor had also an excellent heat with big jumps and good waverides, but in the end it was not enough against Philip´s perfect heat. Philip said, that this was the best heat of his life so far.


Watch the heat of Philip


Watch this interview with Philip, which we did right after the presentation ceremony



Ricardo Campello impressed a lot today, too, but he was knocked out by the almighty Köster. But he did not give up, kept the nerves and defeated local Dany Bruch in the losers final with a great performance landing a Pushloop Forward, a perfect Double, a wave 360 and so on. In the end of this heat he went for a big jump, but a gust took him and he had to let the gear go. Rad! That´s what we like about Ricardo! His determination for big moves! Unfortunately Dany Bruch hurt his left foot while the losersfinal. We really hope that he will be fit tomorrow to fight back in the Double Elimination.


Watch our interview with Ricardo Campello



In the ladies single elimination 5 heats were sailed. And again, like in Pozo, the wind picked up just before the finals. Daida Moreno was able to adapt best to the conditions and won the final in real highwind conditions. “Wind like in Pozo”, she commented this heat afterwards. Her twin sister Iballa sailed a great heat in the semifinal against Swiss Karin Jaggi, but missed to show her usual waveriding in the final. Karin Jaggi, who definitely showed courage and took the biggest waves today, finished in 3rd defeating Laure Treboux.


Watch our interview with Daida Moreno


Philip Köster wins in front of Victor Fernandez and Ricardo Campello


Daida Moreno wins in front of Iballa Moreno and Karin Jaggi


The winners of the Single Elimination



After the Single Elimination was finished, the competition went straight into the Double Elimination. 14 heats got completed. We followed most of the action from the bunker, which is located on the right hand side of the bay and which gives a better view on the jumping action and on the waverides. Just impressive. Marcilio Browne, Adam Lewis, John Skye and Alessio Stillrich made it already into the top 16, although they started in the first round of the Double Elimination. All 4 of them won 3 heats in a row. Stillrich showed, besides his massive jumps, good waveriding, Browne liked the very strong wind better, than the lighter winds of the single elimination, Skye sailed a tactically brilliant heat with long waverides and perfect Pushloops and Adam Lewis had massive airtime.

Some sailors will be disappointed after the double elimination, like Robby Swift, Ross Williams, Phil Horrocks or Kenneth Danielsen, who missed the top 16 by one round. The level is extremely high, that it needs a very good heat to advance. The young boys like Alessio Stillrich, Omar Sanchez, Antoine Martin or Moritz Mauch became also strong opponents and are able to defeat big names.

10 or 11 heats are missing to know the winner in the men´s Double elimination. The ladies still have to sail the full Double Elimination, which will see 8 or 9 heats in total.

The skippersmeeting will be at 8.30 and a first possible start at 9.00 with heat no. 42: Dario Ojeda against Martin “Lampi” Ten Hoeve and Klaas Voget against Marcilio Browne.



Result after the Single Elimination


  1. Philip Köster
  2. Victor Fernandez
  3. Ricardo Campello
  4. Daniel Bruch


  1. Daida Moreno
  2. Iballa Moreno
  3. Karin Jaggi
  4. Laure Treboux




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