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PWA Pozo 2012 – Double Elimination Heat Victor Fernandez

on 8. July, 2012 – 11:10 / 5 Comments

We also filmed Victor Fernandez´s double elimination heat. Victor Fernandez (28) from Almeria, Spain, is one of the world best wave sailors in side onshore conditions. He made it to all finals in the past years at Pozo Izquierdo and was able to win in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010. He always had Philip Köster as the opponent in the finals since 2009. 2010 Victor won the PWA Wave world title. This year he sailed a great final, landed massive jumps, but lost some points in wave riding in the final of the double elimination. The final was sailed on the 6.07.2012 in extremely rough conditions with an average windspeed of 45 to 50 knots. Victor started his heat on a 3,7m sail, but switched after one run out to his smallest sail size, the 3,4.

Watch the heat of Victor, with which he got second:



  • Marcel says:

    After watching both, I must say Victor had a better run. Yes he crashed more, but I prefer his style above Phillips.

    Hard conditions to sail, thats for sure!

  • Cacho says:

    He could had win…

  • Da man says:

    Boy, those 2 are gonna take windsurfing to a whole new level! So exciting! Obviously Victor lost cause of his rides, he didn’t score one decent ride, but his jumps were really high and composed. Unfortunately (or fortunately) competition sailing is about scores and not overall impression. And of course these guys know it. Good job!

  • gary S says:

    the clew first goiter and the wave future, siiick. Fernandez is upping the level for sure. too bad he didn’t land them. would have been the first time in competition for both moves.

  • craig gertenbach/Fanatic says:

    I think on paper Philip did indeed win and Victor didn´t go for his usual “safe” routine, as he obviously thought this would not be enough to beat Philip. So he tried some new moves he has been training and as luck had it, could not make them happen in the final. Perhaps Tenerife he will have more luck with those, in slightly less wind and more sideshore conditions. Great to see some more innovation in the waveriding dept, the level nowdays is just amazing, considering the conditions.

    Can´t wait to tune into Tenerife streamin, for some more action, will be there live to watch it next week so I hope to see some there too!

    Respect to all the PWA riders, not just the top 2, the level is just unreal and these guys are pushing the sport forwards in a whole new dimension!