PWA Klitmøller 2012 – Highlight Video

on 21. September, 2012 – 11:31 / 11 Comments

Watch the highlight movie including the action of the Single and Double Elimination and the new world title victory of Philip Köster at the PWA KIA Cold Hawaii World Cup 2012.




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  • Blink says:

    Great video!! Congratulation Traversa and all surfer, but.. What’s that at 0:58???? Crazy RollerKoster!!

  • don says:

    I am sorry to say it but Seb van Den Berg is NOT the correct person to broadcast windsurfing events.
    He is a professional commentator, works for Eurosport, ( but he does not have the feeling, not even the know the windsurfing jargon.
    In the interviews he was typical and distant with the athletes (let’s finish the job and go home attitude) and they were distant to him, he did not ask any technical questions just because he probably does not know the details.
    He broadcasted Klitmoller the same way he will broadcast a football game or a basketball game tomorrow.
    He used the very stereotype jargon commentators use in all sports, just business as usual.

    Seb did not make any comments at all, he just described what was happening in the water which of course we could see in our screens, in fact he passed the info over to us in a very cold blood manner, he was boring.
    I believe he is not a windsurfer himself and he can’t make any in depth comments because he does not know how it feels.
    And when you don’t know how it feels you must to pretend that you know, you have to be a good actor.
    Seb was great on this, no doubt.

    Let this events run by pro windsurfers and not by pro broadcasters.

    • mark says:

      i agree completely..i actually cringed a few times listening to some of his comments. i think he was trying hard not to yawn sometimes..Ben did a much better job at pozo..

      • Pablo says:

        Thanks Don for having a constructive critic about Seb broadcast and I agree with everything you said, He sound very professional and he never forget to mention the sponsors and maybe that what the PWA wanted.
        Ben Proffitt shouldn’t being put on the side for Klitmoller because he being doing so well behind the mic so far.
        Everyones should learn from that and bring back Ben Proffitt to the commentary for good.
        nothing personal Seb.

  • Flo says:

    You guys have no idea who Seb is, man! This guy was shredding waves on a windsurfboard when you even had no idea that you can stay on a windsurfboard. Check Brainstorm 2 by Tonix and than come back! No flames to a legend when you have no idea about what you are talking!

    • don says:

      I did not know that Seb was a famous windsurfer in the past, that’s my mistake.
      Seb’s mistake is that the way he covered Klitmoller was awful for a Windsurfing Legend. I am sure he did his best though.

      • Mike says:

        I agree with Don. Doesn´t matter if Seb was a good windsurfer, his commands were awful!!! Totally boring and uninspired! Our sport deserves better commants/commentators!!!

  • georgi says:

    Awesome footage ! A big, big shout goes out for Thomas, He made the impossible. He showed that style and a big heart matters more than raw and brutal strength. All the riders were awesome and delivered a great show in this difficult conditions. Finally PWA came up with something really nice. Ben s commenting was entertaining, right on the mark, with spice and a little gossip, but… come on, the guy predominantly is a pro who this time was not kicked out of the game so early, so his job is mainly on the water. Can t wait until Sylt…
    Btw, who said onshore wave sailing was boring? Saludos !!!

    • don says:

      I agree Ben’s job is on the water and he can’t do both, commenting and competing at the same time.
      The point is that there are several other active PWA athletes who will do the job as good.
      For us it will be much more interesting to have several PWA athletes commenting one after an other as it happened in Pozo, Tenerife in a very relaxed way a not in a €sport way of doing business.

      I repeat, let the PWA pros windsurfers run the show. It’s their show, they deserve it and we want them because they do a better job.
      Who can comment better about the sailing conditions? A pwa pro who just came out of the water or someone who sits in front of a micro in his warm clothes.
      C’mon guys, it’s common sense.

      For me it is far more interesting to listen to what, for example Voget, Fris, Petersen think about Koster, Victor, Thomas etc than the stereotype questions of Seb.

  • john says:

    I agree, Bob or Seb, or whatever his name was, didn’t really seem to care. He seemed disinterested and didn’t contribute with anything interesting to what was going on. Now waveperformance and freestyle is very abstract and difficult for normal people to understand, you really need someone with knowledge to do the speaking – and an obvious choice would be some sailors. But my impression is, that even the sailors who are commenting are only commenting for themselves, because they don’t reflect on what would be interesting for the viewers or listeners. It’s allways a lot of inside small talk, which no one cares about, not even people who know about windsurfing. And another thing is the clichés, it’s terrible, but it’s mainly the commentators fault, because they ask the same cliché questions all the time. It makes the sport look stupid and just plain boring. There is a lot energy being put into making PWA-contetst attractive, but it basically fails. So what to do? Take a look at ASP, off course they have a lot more money and experienced commentators, who are aware of what the viewers want to know and bring them the knowledge to make it interesting to watch. You can see the scores of the individual judges, and they have several cameras to catch different angles of the action, and good editing – this should be, what the PWA is aiming for. A higher standard, intelligent communication without too many clichés, that’s what it takes if you want to bring windsurfing to normal people and not just windsurfers

  • Joe says:

    The commentator never really commented on the details of each move, like how high each jump was or how critical a turn was, he would just name the move.