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PWA Calendar 2014

on 13. January, 2014 – 23:50 / 8 Comments


  • COSTA BRAVA – SLALOM – May 27 – June 1
  • BONAIRE – FREESTYLE|SLALOM – June 20 – June 24
  • TÜRKMENISTAN – SLALOM – July 1 – July 6
  • GRAN CANARIA – WAVE – July 14 – July 20
  • TENERIFE – WAVE – August 4-10
  • ALACATI – SLALOM – TBC in August
  • POLAND – INDOOR – September 5 – September 7
  • COLD HAWAII KLITMOELLER – WAVE – September 15- September 21
  • SYLT – FREESTYLE | SLALOM | WAVE – September 26 – October 5
  • LA TORCHE – SLALOM | WAVE – October 18 – October 26
  • MAUI – WAVE – October 29 – November 11
  • NEW CALEDONIA – SLALOM – November 18 – November 23



  • Kuba says:

    Saaaaay whaaaaat??? Indoor in Poland ? :) That would be cool!

  • Mitch says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait!

  • Looking forward to the Turkmenistan one, especially live-broadcast! 😉

    According to Reporters Without Borders’ 2012 World Press Freedom Index, Turkmenistan had the 2nd worst press freedom conditions in the world, behind North Korea. It is considered to be one of the “10 Most Censored Countries”. Each broadcast under Niyazov began with a pledge that the broadcaster’s tongue will shrivel if he slanders the country, flag, or president.

    • me_aus_o says:

      This is going ot be interseting!!! Turmenistan is for sure the weirdest country I have heard of…

      There was an TV reportage about Turkmenistan on “arte” called “Turkmensitan: Reise ins Land der Angst” (“trip to the country of fear”) some time ago. Unfortunately it is not available via stream anymore. But here is the sumary of the editor:

      “Das zentralasiatische Land hat sich von der Umwelt völlig abgekapselt, Alleinherrscher Saparmyrat Nyyazow regiert mit eiserner Hand, kein Widerspruch wird geduldet. Ein Reisebericht aus einer Operettenrepublik, in der Filmaufnahmen verboten sind und die Menschen jedem Fremden lieber aus dem Weg gehen.”

      Here a rough translatiojn into enlish:

      “The Central Asian country has completely sealed off from the environment.Autocrat Saparmurat Niyazov rules with an iron hand, no opposition is tolerated. A travelogue from an operetta Republic, where filming is prohibited and the people rather go out of the way of strangers.”

      I doubt that it is a good idea to get our sport connected tom this country or the ideas of their president…

      • … couple acquaintances of mine travelled to Turkmenistan with an invitation of the ministry of tourism. The whole trip ended up with a sudden one-day confiscation of all camera-gear, mobile phones and laptops before leaving the country. Just to play safe nothing anti-presidential or something else was captured or written or whatever.

  • claudio marzeddu says:

    no podesdorf???

  • sl55 says:

    PWA event in Korea is cancelled due to national mourning the victims of the ferry accident.
    I do not think Bonaire will have slalom.