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Proffitt’s Pozo Training Diary – Part 3

on 17. June, 2012 – 23:50 / 6 Comments

The UK wavesailor Ben Proffitt finished part 3 of his training diary series directly from Pozo, Gran Canaria.

Ben: “Welcome to part 3.. I’ve kept it pretty much the same format. So more action from Pozo all filmed from the spy cam in my bedroom!! News includes another doublefest, whingury, new moves and the latest arrivals. Sorry.. still no technique feature but its coming!”



  • Troy says:

    This diary thing is such a good idea. Cool to see things happening in their raw form. Keen to see a highlights reel or whatever it might be called.

    That guy who fell off the roof look pretty messed up. Hope he’s going to be ok.

  • rodri says:

    really nice and informative, thank you ben!!

  • georgi says:

    bravo ben!!! keep it up, you can always come up with something entertaining.

  • Pedro says:

    good to see how the pro’s are training and on what moves they’re working on.
    Ben you have a very nice style of presenting,your videos are bringing a smile on my face even before you’ve said a thing.
    I wanne be out there aswell and go for double stalled grubby’s!!!!:).

  • Eva says:

    haha genius!

  • Mario says:


    You are the MAN!!!!

    Keep the diaries coming!!!

    Great job!!!

    Thank you very much for your info!!! Should make them at every event!!!

    Cheers from Portugal