Ponch Jordan Ema-Otu
on 24. May, 2014 – 12:38 / 6 Comments

That’s a very nice Ponch by Jordan Ema-Otu (26). Jordan was born in French Guyana, learnt windsurfing on Martinique and lives now in Toulouse (France), where he windsurfs most of the time in the area around Leucate together with Nicolas Akgazciyan. This Ponch was shot at La Ganguise, a lake near Toulouse.



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Jordan Ema-Otu:


  • Hard conditions but still great fun there! Thanks C7!

  • Andy G. says:

    Nice one! I was there on tuesday as well and totally got my ass kicked by La Ganguise. Extremely choppy and up to 50knots I think. Not at all perfect freestyle conditions… This day I decided to buy a smaller sail 😉

    A la prochaine fois!

    • Jordan EMA-OTU says:

      For sure on tuesday our asses were roughly kicked!

      1m high crossed chop and up to 50kts gusts… For sure these are not pure freestyle conditions 😉

      But we could make some good take offs!

      See you soon!

  • Eduard says:

    Which sailbrand is that?

  • chris says:

    Hi Eduard,
    it’s Vandal.