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NP Body painting

on 16. July, 2012 – 21:50 / 9 Comments

NP asked the kitesurfing lady Susi Mai to help them recreate the famous Jenna de Rosnay wetsuit advertisement. Watch this behind the scenes video.




  • Jasper says:

    Yeah! Finnaly not a gay sponsored video!

  • Troy says:

    The pause button got a bit of a workout!

  • Remko de Zeeuw says:

    ik zou dr doen!

  • Paul says:

    nice tits :)

  • adrien2035 says:

    No wonder NP stuff are so expensive, photo shoot in HK, professional body painter, photograph studio, how much all that cost, they should put it in PWA events instead.

  • chris says:

    Hi Adrien,
    you really guess it would change anything, if companies invest in single events out of their pocket? If they are not going to promote and sell their own products they even can´t pay their own bills in the end of the day.

    Out of my view it´s really important to have brands, which are investing a lot of money and creativity in their shootings to come up with something new.


    • Adrien2035 says:

      I am not saying they shouldn t promote, i am saying they should promote simpler, it would have been as efficient as this and cheaper seeing that girl doing kiteloops with the new wetsuit than flying her to hk to do a half naked fotoshop as pretty as she is. On the other side the neilpryde jp learn to windsurf series is a brillant idea and money very well spent.

      • Vladimir says:

        I think if that chick show her tits with NP logo somewere near for about 3 minutes that will be better for our sport. Yeah! And pwa organizers should think twice before they allowed girls to have part in a competition in wetsuits. For our sport will be better if they let them go topless and G – strings formula!