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Piero Aiello is from Italy and is working on a windsurfing movie project called “Nomen Omen Movie”. It’s the first windsurfing DVD, which is produced on the island of Sicily. Piero Aiello wants to show the beauty of the sport windsurfing in memory of his friend Alessandro Barbaro. The DVD will be distributed for free, when it’s released.


“The idea is to create a DVD about windsurfing in Sicily. We explore the most beautiful coasts and beaches of our island, when it was windy. But we as well put the focus on filming landscapes, cultural heritage and local traditions. We started in the north of the island and continued to travel along the Ionian, the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian coast. We stopped at following locations: Torre Faro, Tremestieri (Messina), ladder (Messina) , strait of Messina (Messina), Catania, Marina di Noto (SR), Porto Palo (SR), Pozzallo (RG), Marina di Modica (RG), Marina di Ragusa (RG), Torre di Gaffe (AG), San Leo (AG), Porto Empedocles (AG), The Lagoon (TP), Puzzitteddu (TP), Capo D’Orlando (ME), Marinello (ME), Torregrotta (ME), Golden Beach (ME).” (Piero Aiello)


Sicily offers great wave conditions (Pic: Nomen Omen Movie).


C7: You are running a video project called “Nomen Omen Movie”. What is the movie about?

Piero Aiello: The movie is about windsurfing and the people who ride here at Sicily with passion and commitment. We are going to present all the best spots in the best conditions, wave and freestyle, all year round.


C7: What does the name “Nomen Omen” mean?

Piero Aiello: One of my biggest passion, after windsurfing, is the Roman Empire. The name “Nomen Omen” cames from Latin and literally means “One name, one destiny”. It was a Roman belief that everyones destiny was written in the name itself. I really liked the idea. So it was natural for me to give this name “Nomen Omen” to my current project.


Freestyle action will be in the movie, too (Pic: Nomen Omen).


C7: What’s the main goal with the movie?

Piero Aiello: I had the idea back in 2002, when I lost one of my best friends, Alessandro Barbaro. We used to talk a lot about the project of making a windsurfing movie about the beauty of Sicily and the amazing conditions you can find here. Last year I was in Jericoacoara. I had fun and sailed a lot. Like many other people there I was invited at the premiere of MIND WIDE’s OPEN, one of the best windsurfing movies I’ve ever seen. It was an enlightenment. At that moment, looking at Andre, looking at how much passion he puts in his projects, and feeling the vibrations that such an amazing video gave to me, I decided to jump in this new adventure. I am pretty sure that someone up there is smiling and looking down at all this.


Watch the preview clip:


C7: When did you start the project?

Piero Aiello: We started to plan in January 2012, but we needed time to organize everything. Plus the spring in Sicily has perfect conditions for waveriding. So we started in April with the first shootings. Claudio “Bad” Badiali from Challenger Sails believed in this project since the very beginning and he pushed me a lot to go on.


C7: Who will be in as a rider and at which spots did you film?

Piero Aiello: The beaches we visited or we’ll visit are: Modica, Puzziteddu, Torre di Gaffe, Lo Stagnone, Torre Faro and many others, basically all over the island. Talking about the riders the list would be endless, but I can say there will be the best Sicilian riders and some other very passionate people, who spent most of their time in the water. Among these the young gun Francesco Cappuzzo and his father Antonio joined the project with passion and dedication.


C7: Is this your first windsurfing movie you are working on?

Piero Aiello: Yes, it’s my first movie ever and I am pretty nervous about it! At the beginning I saw Nomen Omen as an unpretentious project. Soon after a lot of people started to believe in it and the project itself grew up in popularity and strength I started to think much more seriously about it. I definitely have to thank Claudio Badiali from Challenger Sails, Fabio Calò from Funboard, Quiksilver Italia, KSP and Dna Shock. Without the guys it wouldn’t have been possible!


C7: When will you release the movie. Will it be on DVD or a free download in the internet?

Piero Aiello: The deadline to present the official “Nomen Omen Movie” premiere should be before April 2013. The movie will be available in DVD and mp4 version, totally free!


C7: What’s your background. Did you study to produce movies?

Piero Aiello: Nomen Omen Movie works together with Videosworld FX. The shooting, cutting and editing will be the result of a team work.


Piero loves freestyle and wavesailing.


C7: Do you windsurf as well?

Piero Aiello: Of course! I started in 1998, when freestyle windsurfing was taking its first steps. I love freestyle and waveriding. And I try to spend as much time as possible on the water, between Sicily and Jericoacoara. Brazil is my second home and riding there with big names is amazing. You learn a lot, in and off water!


Check out the website about the movie here!




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  • Paul H says:

    Free DVD – mafia style !

  • schleudergang says:

    a lot of potential and great moves here, but the editing needs a lot of improvement.
    come on guys it is a good project, good surfing, good music, very good visual effects, but the way it is cut it does not work at all!
    there are so many so well edited videos on c7 they are all very different but all great:just look at

    -Mattia Pedrani’s mediterranian diet
    -Shades of Grey by Mathias Genkel
    -Amerika Amerika by Tilo Eber
    -Leon Jamaer on Cape Verde
    to name just a few

    come on guys i am reaaly looking forward to see your DVD
    but the cut needs to be improved a lot.

  • thanks schleudergang, I will follow your advice .. with practice improves..hope you like the final dvd:)!!