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New Speed World Record – News

on 23. November, 2012 – 23:01 / 3 Comments

Day 9 on the channel at Luderitz, Namibia saw the next great sensation. French record holder Antoine Albeau broke the 52 knots barrier in 40 to 45 knots. But the day saw a lot of records by other competitors as well.


Antoine beats himself again and again and again (Source:


November 21st saw 40-45 knots of wind and several records broken but first of all Antoine Albeau set again a new Windsurfing Speed World Record with incredible 52.05 knots. This is an average speed of 96,39 km/h speed at 500 meters. Antoine became the first and only windsurfer, who ever reached 52 knots: He had 5 runs over 50 knots and 6 over 51 knots and not one run below 50 knots. That´s amazing and he definitely came closer to the record of the kitesurfers.

Anders Bringdal had really fast runs in the beginning of the day, but did not make it over the 51 knots, but he kept on fighting and a run with 51.45 knots followed, what´s a new Swedish Record and as well a Production board World Record!


Antoine and Anders, World Record holder and Production Board World record holder (Pic:


Greek speed windsurfer Nick Vardalachos set a time over 50 knots with 50.43 knots and is the 6th fastest in the world ranking on the 500 m.

Jurjen Van Der Noord, the current Dutch Record holder, feels really well on the channel and had his best speed of his career. He as well went over 51 knots today and scored his best ever 500 m run with an average speed of 51.26 knots. That´s the new Dutch record and he is the third fastest sailor in the world. He had 2 sec max speed of 99,5 km/h today.


Björn Dunkerbeck, 41 times world title holder arrived on the speed channel today in the afternoon, reaching 49.53 knots, after only a couple of runs !

“After 55 hours of traveling we made it to the te Luderitz Speed Challenge around 1:00 pm. I did around 10 runs in great conditions with 30-40 knots of wind. First 47, then 48 knots then 49, so improving! With 52.55 GPS top speed I am pretty happy about the first day on the water!!” Björn stated after day 1 for him at the Channel on his Facebook account.


Patrick Diethelm from Switzerland did the same speed as the record he set on November 17th, the 50.49 knots.


Cedric Bordes missed the top period of the day as he was tuning his sail, but managed to cross the 50 knots barrier again with a speed of 50,09 knots on the 500 m run.

“Today was a good day on some points and a bad one on other point for me! Antoine did great again!! I was waiting since the beginning for some strong wind, but today I missed the best time of the day probably… I was trying to tune my 5,3 proto but with one batten less than on my magic 5,6. I was not able to get over 50 knots. Then I took my 5,4 production 2012 on rdm mast afterwards. The wind was better before, but I got then 3 runs over 50 knots and a peak of 2 sec at 53,708, if I am right, because I am not so good with gps software (53,84 on the gps screen = 99.71 km/h). I don’t like to speak about 2 sec top speed, because a real speed run is on 500 meters to avoid too much confusion with all speed numbers, but this speed peak saved a bit my day!!! Today the wind was stronger early in the afternoon than at the other days and we got around 40 knots with gusts up to 45 knots I think. I hope Sunday will be windy enough, too!! Jurjen did also really well, Anders hasn’t got his best day, but at the end he got a great run, too. Björn just arrived during the windy hour of the day and after some practice runs he did really fast runs too when the wind was not so strong as before.” (Cedric Bordes from Luderitz on



Mark Grinnell reached more than 49 knots , what was his personal goal, with 49.66 knots, and further improved the South African Record in Windsurfing and is on the road to the 50 !


Martyn Ogier from UK , who arrived two days ago, recorded a speed of 48.21 knots (current British Record held by Farrell O Shea with 48.82 knots) and Martin Van Meurs from Netherlands 47.95 knots. Both improved their best speeds.


Alberto Possati set a new Italian record with 44.47 knots


Boris Vujasinovic also is now the Holder of the Croatian Record with 42.27 knots.


Alexander Goncharov broke the Ukrainian Record twice ending with 40.94 knots. This was achieved in moderate wind. 


Lena Erdil had a run with 45.51 knots and still is missing just a bit to take the lead in the ladies ranking. Zara Davis still has the lead and the World Record with 45,83 knots. Lena´s best speed is 45,74 knots so far.


 The windforecast looks excellent for the upcoming weekend. Let´s see, if the record can be improved again.