Moroccan Potential 2014 – Video

on 24. January, 2014 – 23:59 / 9 Comments

Boujmaa Guilloul stated: “Winter short session down south.”  Down south means the Moroccan windsurfing pro was driving down south, around 130 km south from Essaouira to Cap Ghir and made it out at Boilers. The wind often blows offshore on the right hander reef break Boilers and can reach an excellent length with several 100 meters. The spot, which catches swell from northwestern to northern direction,  is very rocky and extremely tricky to enter. Boujmaa knows the spot very well and shows in his latest clip how to ride Boilers and how to nail big Aerials without losing any control about the gear and himself. he lands very safe in the clean section after flying for seconds in front of the wave lip. Impressive action Boujmaa!! Great to watch! Another lesson how to windsurf in offshore wind conditions and big waves perfectly.




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  • kira says:

    terrific conditions …and of course terrific rider as usual Boujmaaa!!
    on top ….very original the editing of the video
    using the very brand new video filter ” the drunkard camera men ”

  • just a question says:

    It’s not meant to be negative: Is it possible that his riding has gone worse. I hardly see any vertical turns.
    Sorry, but when I see Köster riding these smaller waves it’s so much more interesting and stylish.

    • Billy says:

      Don’t forget these people are human; they risk their necks on waves year in, year out, because they love the sport.
      Not every session they have is meant to impress you or me…

    • Vagelis says:

      You hardly see any vertical turns… Maby because is off-shore? And obviously you have never ride conditions like that?

    • Eric says:

      Awarded “Most idiotic comment of 2014 so far”

      • Gary S says:

        The turns here do not look so good. I think you are right. But I think it is the board. Look at how he pushes so hard on the rail but the board does NOT carve a turn at all. It just goes straight. Boujmaa rips but he needs better bords.

  • Felix says:

    Awesome as always, Boujmaa!!

    Nice waves, nice turns, makes me want to ride some waves too!!

  • just an answer says:

    Ofcourse B can go vertical but the wind is offshore and he is on an aerial mission – a greater sensation than vertical attacks…

  • Billy says:

    Thanks for the video, Boujmaa!
    Next time please use some beautiful traditional Moroccan music in the background, just to be more original.