Minds Wide Open DVD – Unpublished footage of Kauli Seadi at Cape Verde

on 18. July, 2012 – 13:46 / 21 Comments

Andre Paskowski, the producer of the Minds Wide Open DVD released a new rough cut, with clips of Kauli Seadi that did not make it on the Minds Wide Open DVD.  It shows the Brazilian Kauli Seadi at Ali Baba on Cape Verde. Imagine, if these clips didn’t make it in the movie, how the action must be in the real movie. Actually, the part in the Minds Wide Open DVD of Kauli Seadi at Ali Baba is our favorite one. Just rad!


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  • myr says:

    And again the same question in my brain. Why there is no proper down the line conditions event on the tour? The ranking would be completly different then. Koster is definetly the best in pozo/klit conditions(no argues against this), and will be “forever” if there will be no new locations on the PWA tour.

    • Dahab says:

      Dude, its not about the best location, its about the money it costs to host a worldcup… If you can find some sponsors, we would be happy to have some new stops on the tour 😉

      • LD says:

        Can fully understand that it comes down to the money to host an event….but I cannot stop thinking that if some events can be put together by sheer determination and hard word by some of the sailors, then I’m sure an organization like PWA can put find the resources to host events at some new places. Look at what AWT managed to put together in the short amount of time that they have been up and running. Given the interest of windsurfing and the amount of companies located on Maui, would that not be an option for PWA?

        • There is a big difference between the AWT and PWA… The AWT are REALLY great events, but it takes SOOOO much more money to host a PWA event, probably (at least) 10 times as much..

          Everybody wants to see some real wavespots on the tour, but to get these events funded, especially in these times of crisis, is very hard.

          What local business from Cape Verde wants to put in money? Are there even other businesses than hotels there?

          Denmark, Sylt, … they all have big sponsors! (KIA, COLGATE)

          Mabye they can ask Josh Angulo if his center has 20.000$ to spare…

      • myr says:

        Dude I tottaly understand what u mean and I know it also. But that doesent change nothing about my complaining. I just would like to see some more action like this in the future.

    • oh says:

      I cannot see any special skills in this video that Philip Köster doesn’t have.

      • gary S says:

        @oh are you joking? I’m guessing youre sarcastic but the internet makes it hard to tell

        • oh says:

          The difference between Kauli and the No-Name-Guy vid ? Let’s say: superb music, superb editing and plenty of weeks of filming vs. bad music, bad editing and one holiday in Cabo Verde. Put the No-Name-Guy in Paskowski movie and you like him also.

      • myr says:

        buahahhahahaha then u dont know nothing…..

        • oh says:

          You must be joking! Many No-Name-Rider do windsurfing like that:

          • gary S says:

            Thatss really interesting, actually. You don’t see a difference between Kauli and this guy? I think wave sailing is like wine, very few can see the difference. As experiment, reply to this if you can see the difference to Kauli and this guy:

            By the way, watch About Time, the Polakow movie for a lesson in wave sailing. It still is top level.

  • georgi says:

    Kauli’s ride can not be topped. Windsurfing from a true new dimension. This is inspiration not waveriding. Sorry, my english is only that rich.

  • Greg says:

    This is unreal!

    Why isn’t this spot more documented, I mean Josh Angulo was living there and we did’nt see that much clip from it… or any other pros ?

    Anyway those wave and kauli’s skills makes quite an amazing mix. I’ve never seen something like that before!

  • pupul says:

    name of the track?

  • XD313 says:

    this is fucking amazing

  • kevin says:

    The PWA HAS to bring up some more events with winds from the right and some waves! Not only f*****g jump events!

  • Axel says:

    Really, there should be a propper down the line contest on the world tour, why is nobody in Maui get their act together and is bloddy organizing it. Their are so many brands located in Maui, Naish, ezzy, simmer, quatro, ……. I really don’t get it, If Vietnam and south Korea are able to pull it off, there is really no excuse that nobody in the whole Us windsurf industry can get it done. Come on Robby it’s time you are using you rep. to get a Pwa comp back on to the archipel.

  • Maryjo Wyett says:

    for me, green eyes is the most beautiful.^

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